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Zulal Wellness Resort Extends Family Wellness Offering with a New “Skip-Gen” Retreat Dedicated to Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Valuing memorable moments and shared experiences that enhance generational bonds and connection to bridge the generation gap, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som launches an Intergenerational Retreat that invites grandparents and grandchildren to spend quality time together while enjoying age–appropriate fun away from the distractions of everyday life.

Reflecting Zulal Wellness Resort’s approach to wellbeing that is rooted in the organic values of family, the new Intergenerational Retreat focuses on emotional, physical, social, and nutritional wellbeing for grandparents and grandchildren, and is the latest to complement the existing family-focused retreats and programmes at Zulal Discovery.

Known as “Skip-Gen”, this rising trend of grandparents holidaying with their grandchildren is so–called because it skips the middle generation – the parents. With life experience spanning decades, grandparents offer their grandchildren a wealth of knowledge sharing with them the importance of family values and cultural traditions. Meanwhile, kids come with an abundance of excitement and energy as they see and experience things for the first time. Giving the parents a break, a skip-gen holiday allows the two other generations to share meaningful time with each other. Strengthening the family ties and creating long–lasting memories, the combination of the two generations spending quality time together is both rewarding and enriching with uniquely rejuvenating activities for grandparents and educational experiences for grandchildren.

On the first day of the retreat, the intergenerational group undergo their initial consultation with a Health and Wellness Advisor to determine the best way that each family member can benefit from the retreat, not only as a family unit but also as individuals, regardless of their age. The first day of the retreat also includes family wellness activities for the grandparents and kids to enjoy together, such as nature walks, storytelling, card games, and arts and crafts, followed by a relaxing meditation to relax and wind down for the evening.

Expanding into retreat mode, day two includes spa treatments for the grandparents and grandchildren to indulge in together. Children, just like their grandparents, can partake in spa and wellness sessions, such as foot soak and massage, manicure–pedicure, head massages, as well as head and shoulder massages.

In addition to the shared activities and experiences, grandparents are also pampered with a programme that includes extra spa treatments per day, choosing from the relaxing signature Al Qadam Massage (herbal foot soak of rose petals, magnesium flakes, and a variety of local herbs; followed by a rhythmic massage to soothe tired feet and enhance relaxation), and signature full bodyTadleek Massage, Oriental Scalp Massage, or Invigorating Massage.

The diverse range of age–appropriate activities offered on this retreat has been selected to promote connection through learning and enjoyment for all participants, regardless of age. Sessions for early years and small children concentrate on creative play, sensing and discovering the world, while older kids and teenagers can choose from a more structured schedule featuring cognitive activities, imaginative ideas, music, meditation, and sports to expand their horizons.

Nurturing the togetherness philosophy, family wellness activities include nature walks to connect with the environment by discovering the beach and gardens. Storytelling is particularly encouraged as a group activity because it was traditionally how families passed down cultural knowledge and rich heritage from one generation to the next. Meanwhile, the interactive cooking class is a great opportunity to learn new recipes together which can be enjoyed back home as a family long after the holiday is over.

General Manager Heinrich Morio said: “We are delighted to see more and more families choosing Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som for their holidays and pleased to introduce this retreat dedicated to grandparents and their grandchildren.

“In response to the ongoing demands of modern life, there is a heightened awareness of families spending meaningful time together. Many families now seek to share experiences and enjoy engaging activities together, and our family retreats at Zulal Wellness Resort offer the freedom to explore while creating memories.

“With this newly introduced Intergenerational Retreat, we focus on bonding, fulfilment, and enrichment to encourage the kids and their grandparents to spend precious time together in a peaceful, safe environment.”

Morio concluded: “We expect the trend in family wellness holidays to continue and we will continue to adapt our family wellness offerings to ensure guests leave Zulal Wellness Resort refreshed and reconnected.”

Zulal Wellness Resort’s Intergenerational Retreat starts from two nights and includes an initial family health and wellness consultation, a host of family wellness activities, meditation sessions, cooking classes, and body therapies. All programmes, activities, and facilities are designed to bring families together on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle of discovery, learning, and shared experience.

Starting from £846.42 for double occupancy, this price includes three wellness cuisine meals per day; a family health and wellness consultation, complimentary daily activities, family fitness sessions and family wellness activities, age–appropriate spa treatments, full access to the resort’s hydrothermal suite for the adults, and a complimentary in-room wellness minibar.

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