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Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Introduces Corporate Wellness Initiatives and Executive Experiences

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Responding to the increasing demands and challenges of the modern workplace, the Middle East’s largest and first full immersion health destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, has designed corporate and executive health experiences designed to enhance physical and mental well-being in the workplace, enhance team bonding, boost employee productivity, encourage creativity, and increase motivation.

Combining holistic personal treatments with group activities, Zulal Wellness Resort’s corporate getaways cater to the needs of corporate teams and executives looking to optimise their performance. Each participant undergoes a personal consultation with a health and wellness advisor, who will craft a customised programme tailored to their specific needs to provide them with tools to support and promote their optimal well-being within a team. Comprehensive blood testing is also available for all participants to analyse the body’s internal functions and further curate the wellness journey.

A crucial component of the executive wellness offering, corporate coaching sessions are led by experienced career development facilitators to focus on personal development topics such as productivity, time management, goal setting, and mental balance in the workplace.

Also included within each retreat is a diverse range of team-building activities that foster bonding while encouraging open communication and engagement. Retreat attendees take part in corporate sustainability initiatives such as mangrove planting, circle of trust communication sessions, and outdoor activities including padel tennis and beach volleyball. The rewards of such group engagement activities are associated with feeling valued, secure, supported, and respected while achieving them, all of which are essential qualities in nurturing a positive workplace culture.

The tailored wellness experiences for teams and executives at Zulal Wellness Resort also feature culinary experiences such as group cooking classes and barbecue nights, designed to strengthen team bonding while educating participants on the benefits of healthy food preparation and healthy eating habits.

Corporate groups may also benefit from the use of the Eshar Banquet Area, Zulal Wellness Resort’s 200-square-meter state-of-the-art banqueting facilities designed to accommodate a variety of meetings and events. Set-up options include classroom style, theatre style, and round tables for conferences. With full Wi-Fi and audiovisual facilities, the Wadina Boardroom spans 48 square meters and can accommodate up to 15 individuals around the table.

As a leading wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort supports guests with a variety of concerns, hearing first-hand what their concerns and challenges are. Intuitive to guests’ needs, the resort team is aware of the demands of the modern corporate world and pressures in the workplace.

With a mission to spread the word of well-being in the workplace, Zulal Wellness Resort has created these executive-focused experiences as more than a momentary respite; they are designed to be a catalyst for lasting positive change and renewed energy in both the professional and personal spheres. By creating a haven where individuals and teams can take a well-deserved break to recover and recharge together, Zulal Wellness Resort aims to enable employees to rediscover their passion for work while fostering meaningful connections with their peers and returning to the office feeling refreshed and inspired.

Prices vary according to group preferences and are inclusive of accommodation, full board, individual health and wellness consultation, personalised treatments, and group activities.

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