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Zirtui Helps Defy Ageing & Increase Healthspan with New Longevity Supplement

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Zirtui, a company dedicated to supporting healthy ageing, has launched its first supplement, the Zirtui longevity blend. Made with seven natural ingredients, the patented, easy-to-use formula offers long-term benefits geared toward optimising a person’s biological age. 

Zirtui is a blend of vitamin B3, resveratrol, vitamin D3, pomegranate extract, broccoli sprouts, vitamin K and betaine.

Unlike traditional multivitamins that work to reverse specific deficiencies, Zirtui is a longevity supplement that helps increase healthspan, the length of time a person remains healthy as they age. 

Molecular biologist Dr Ellen Crabbe developed the Zirtui longevity blend. After losing a close relative to cancer, Ellen began researching the ageing process, inflammation and the molecular mechanisms that lead to disease. During her research, she became interested in all-natural supplements and their effects on longevity, and this is how the idea for Zirtui was born. 

The name Zirtui was derived from the word sirtuins, a family of proteins known for supporting longevity. In recent years, researchers like Ellen have been studying sirtuins, how they regulate ageing and what people can do to activate them in the body to combat the ageing process.

It’s now known that many plant-based, antioxidant-rich foods contain compounds that can stimulate the production of sirtuins, and many of these compounds were included in the development of Zirtui.  

Through the creation of this new longevity supplement and a personal goal to educate the public on the importance of increased healthspan, Ellen is helping people defy ageing through healthy lifestyle choices and habits. 

“Getting older in years and ageing are two different things: The first we should embrace, the other we should slow down as much as possible.” Dr Ellen Crabbe

Ease of use was a focus during the development of Zirtui. Users add Zirtui longevity blend to water, juice or a smoothie in the morning. To keep it 100% natural, they chose not to include flavour or solubility additives. 

Zirtui recommends using their new longevity blend for at least three months for optimal results. They offer one, three and six-month packages, with the three and six-month packages available at a reduced price. 

Zirtui is working on blends for healthier sleep, enhancing mood and strengthening focus.

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