#WorldWellBeingWeek: 3 Zero Cost Well-Being Tips that Will Have an Immediate and Long Lasting Effect

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, (2021, June 22). #WorldWellBeingWeek: 3 Zero Cost Well-Being Tips that Will Have an Immediate and Long Lasting Effect. Psychreg on General.
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Wellness entrepreneur and Director of Well-being at hasta World, Dylan Salamon, shares three tips for World Well-being Week, which employers can implement right now. These zero cost suggestions are proven to have an immediate impact on your employees’ well-being:

Team movement sessions

A daily 10-minute desk-based movement and stretch class is a fun activity with zero entry barriers for everyone to enjoy company-wide. This can be led via Zoom or in person.

Weekly culture check-in

Ask your staff every Friday how the company culture has been over the last week. Focus one week at a time, and you will slowly but surely see a dramatic shift in employees’ emotional well-being by creating an environment of transparency and change.


Encourage all employees to have three litres of water a day. You could incentivise this or provide refillable bottles with hourly consumption reminders.

Dylan Salamon has always had a passion for well-being. Starting his career in corporate PR, he soon realised that there was a fundamental conflict between his core beliefs and the work he was doing. A decade later, with many successful well-being businesses behind him (e.g. ‘Down to flow escapes yoga retreats), he co-founded industry pioneering well-being events company hasta World.

Well-being is a journey; it is not a one-size-fits-all tick box exercise for companies to implement just because they need to. The last 18 months have pushed everyone’s mental and physical health to a new extreme, and therefore we decided to place well-being at the centre of our business,’ notes Salamon.

hasta provides the corporate world with a range of experts in niche areas of well-being to curate an offering that is carefully tailored to the client’s needs. Ranging from nutrition to digital health, hasta covers all aspects of wellness.

Salamon adds: ‘It has been the toughest year of my existence, and there is a fine line between building a successful organisation and taking care of people. To stay true to our founding principle of well-being, we do weekly check-ins with all employees. As leaders, this allows us to identify learnings and also celebrate the areas where we are thriving. I would highly recommend that every employer do this -it is the fastest way to ascertain how your employees are feeling.’

hasta’s offering includes wellness days and nutritional, mindfulness, and diversity workshops. For more information, you may send them an email

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