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New YouTube Motivational Channel, AIM Hard, launched to support your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

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COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and lead us to a new way of working and a new way of living. The feeling of ‘choice’ which we are so accustomed to, is however not an option in this space. Governments have shown, through imposing lockdown and social distancing measures, that ‘change’ is something we must all accept. The majority of us do not like change and even the thought of upsetting the status quo can make one feel nervous, jittery, and anxious.  

Having an everyday routine provides a feeling of comfort and assurance, knowing what needs to be done, when, where and how. Whether it be getting up at 6am to get ready for work; having the kids ready by 7am to start the school runs or working out at the gym during a lunch break. These are all a series of events that we have formed and embedded in our daily lives, giving us a sense of purpose and meaning.

During the past six months, we have all experienced the disruption to our events, routine, relationships and well-being, where an estimated two-thirds of adults in the UK alone, have reported a feeling of worry about the effect coronavirus is having on their life. Understandably, where there is uncertainty there will always be fear and worry, however, the impact of such is leading to a surge in issues surrounding people’s mental and physical state. Social isolation, job and financial loss, housing insecurity and quality, working in front-line service, loss of coping mechanisms and reduced access to mental health services are all drivers contributing to an increase in mental illness. Sadly, this is a worsening situation that will need to be addressed and managed for many years to come.  

The ramifications of the pandemic on mental health should not be underestimated, where people of all ages, races, genders, cultures and backgrounds are already being impacted in a big way. History has shown that following a mass crisis (e.g., a recession, war, etc) there is a strong link to a higher prevalence of mental health problems including common mental disorders, substance disorders, and ultimately suicidal behaviour.

With the current pandemic, the UN has urged governments around the world to take the consequences of mental health seriously and ensure widespread availability of mental health support. What type of support is provided will clearly unveil itself over time, however, in the meantime, people within the community are highlighting and trying to raise awareness of this growing problem. One such initiative is the formation of a new YouTube Channel, AIM Hard, an inspirational and motivational channel launched in August 2020 by a father of four young kids.

Like many of us, he has seen the increased stresses and strains of the past few months take its toll on the lives of many. Through his channel, he intends to promote, through hard-hitting videos, the importance of keeping a positive mindset via self-confidence and aspirationAIM Hard’s mission is to help and support people get through the challenges that everyday life brings and support people’s lifelong learning, encourage contemplation, drive awakening and self-realisation to instil within them motivation and mindfulness. Although this is by no means a remedy, it is a supporting tool that further raises awareness and provides a ‘voice’ for many people who are today living through this battle.  

Do check out the channel and leave your comment(s) regarding their current videos or even suggest what future videos you would want to see. 

If you are suffering from any form of mental health problems, reach out to your GP. Seeking help early can help speed up your recovery. Your health should always take priority.


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