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Your Guide to Advertising Your Business with Custom Coffee Products

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Sometimes, the best part of the day is waking up with a nice, fresh cup of coffee. Roasted to perfection, brewed properly, and with the right mix of cream and sugar, a good cup of coffee can make a difference in someone’s day. For small businesses looking to generate some interest or bring in some new customers, coffee can be a surprisingly useful tool for marketing. After all, coffee is a very popular drink and a significant portion of the population consumes it daily. In this article, we’ll provide a short guide to advertising your business with coffee, custom coffee products, and why it’s a good idea. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious subject.

Why promote your business with coffee

If you’re looking to grow your business, there are lots of options out there. But one thing that can help is promoting it with coffee products, mugs, and accessories. People drink a lot of coffee. The coffee industry makes a lot of money every year and Americans like to spend money on coffee, coffee accessories, and coffee culture. Latching on to that and using it to help your company grow can be beneficial in the long term. If you want to help your brand gain some traction, you want to pick the right kinds of products, offer specialized cups, and maybe even Branch out into offering coffee yourself. Whatever you decide to do, marketing with coffee is an exciting opportunity for any company in an increasingly competitive world.

Custom logos on mugs

You can think of coffee mugs as the ultimate canvas. They’re easy to imprint an image onto, last for a long time, is durable, and there’s something people use both in public and at home every single day. This can help create impressions about your brand and hopefully help drive some business your way. To get the most out of printed coffee mugs, you’ll want to order in bulk and sell them for a slightly higher price. That way you can save a little money while obtaining a high return on investment.

Seeing a logo on a coffee mug can have a psychological effect on the user as well. They might associate the deliciousness of their coffee or the quality of their mug with the brand in a positive way. That, in turn, can generate some interest in your company. That’s only one of many reasons why offering amazing custom coffee mugs to your customers can help your business thrive.

Speciality coffee beans (with custom packaging)

If you really want to impress your customers, you might want to branch out into coffee as a business strategy. That doesn’t mean you have to exclusively sell coffee. That might make sense if you’re running a cafe or bistro. If you’re running a different kind of business where branded coffee, coffee items, coffee cups, and other accessories make sense as part of your overall inventory, coffee can be a great way to boost customer interest. Simply acquire some beans and find a roaster that can roast them for you. Customize your packaging to prominently include your name and logo, and consider adding different flavours. Tastes run the gamut from light roasts to dark roasts. You can also add different flavours to your coffee to make them stand out. For instance, you might consider adding a dark chocolate or cherry hint to a dark roast. For a light roast, you might decide to add some nutty flavour. For a medium roast, you can feel free to experiment. Finding the right balance for your coffee will impress your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Branded coffee brewers 

Mugs and cups shouldn’t be the only things you offer related to coffee. Consider going into coffee accessories. Everybody needs a coffee brewer. French presses are popular, as are our pour-over coffee makers. Lately, compact coffee makers such as the Aeropress have grown in popularity. Some people prefer traditional coffee, so you’ll definitely want to provide drip coffee makers. Special iced coffee versions of drip coffee makers are also available for those customers who desire a cold cup of Brew in the morning. Selling branded coffee Brewers is a good way to get your name out there with something. Offering a wide range of different types of coffee makers can help build a relationship with them as they associate quality with your name.

Branded and coffee culture apparel 

Another great way to get your name out there is to create and sell branded merchandise. If you run a restaurant or a coffee shop you can highlight your coffee items in your logo. If you run a different kind of business, you can just focus on having a custom logo and branding on the apparel itself. Merchandise such as apparel, hats, t-shirts, shoes, shoelaces, and just about anything you can think of with your logo on it can truly win people over. Branded merchandise tends to attract an audience and build trust with a brand. It also offers unique creative opportunities you might not otherwise have with other promotions. With branded apparel, you can build customer loyalty, create distinct designs, offer plenty of variety, and ultimately win over fans by offering them a cool logo t-shirt or something similar to help them show up their love for your company. Apparel can help start a conversation, get people interested in your business, and possibly win over new customers simply by merit of an existing customer wearing something with your name on it.

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