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Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-being


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5-7 September 2019
Iris Murdoch Building
University of Stirling

In the wake of the global financial crisis (2007/8) and subsequent recession, the last decade has seen services for children and young people who experience mental health and well-being difficulties placed under increasing strain. At the same, socioeconomic crisis and associated family and community stress has placed additional demands on children and young people’s ability to cope. We have seen a significant rise in the identification of children and young people’s mental health difficulties, and a surge in demand for services. The pressure to restructure services and support has also triggered many innovative models of practice, and a renewed interest in ways of understanding and supporting resilience.

This three day conference focuses broadly on children and young people’s well-being and mental health. It offers a space in which we can consider how we might understand to children and young people’s mental health and well-being, and how services might respond to these challenges.

The conference aims to provide a space in which practitioners and academics can explore research, theory and practice in child and adolescent mental health. It is an opportunity to reflect on and critique established research, policy and practice, to share and celebrate what works, and to explore solutions to the challenges of the future.

The conference is hosted by the Centre for Child Well-being and Protection based within the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling.

For full details, including the call for papers, click here.

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