New Launch: Yoga for Peace Post-Breast Cancer at Transform Method

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As October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month arrives, Transform Method is launching a new programme of gentle, inclusive yoga classes online motivated by the experiences of beloved friends recovering from the life-changing experience of breast cancer, aimed at restoring the peace that is sought after, yet at the pace required for recovery. Ten per cent of class proceeds are given directly to support breast cancer charity the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Gentle yoga aimed at restoring the peace that is sought after, yet at the pace required, for recovery.

To achieve this, the method incorporates the luxuriant stretches and breathing of Kundalini. Global yoga, designed to support the release of hormones responsible for reducing anxiety, moving the body into the parasympathetic system, our ‘rest and restore’ system, combined with gentle yet expansive chest opening movements, neck rolls to ease the stiffness of sleeping on the back, and fluid spinal flexes.

Beginning with bespoke exercises that combine breathing, stress control techniques, arm and chest movements, then gradually move to full body movements, participants on the journey to recovery have reported regaining basic movement and reclaiming both their bodies and their confidence.

Though not a medical treatment, for many the benefits of yoga are tried and tested. For those in the process of recovery, after discussion with their doctor before undertaking any new routine, classes or one-on-one sessions are tailored to the needs of clients without ever over-reaching; the result aims to be a progressive journey for clients towards self-reclamation both physically and emotionally.

Classes or one-on-one sessions are streamed online.

More detail/booking is available at the Transform Method website or at the Transform Method virtual studio on the MindBody platform. This is not a medical treatment.


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