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Yoga Among the Top 10 Well-Being Skills Brits Search for, Data Reveals

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With the understanding around mental health increasing globally, 113% more people have been Googling self-care techniques to support mental and physical well-being compared to February 2018.

From exercises and lifestyle changes to self-care routines, these techniques help reduce stress, recognise our feelings and form a healthier lifestyle. 

Interested in finding out which well-being techniques Brits are most interested in learning? The Knowledge Academy collected a list of 25 popular well-being techniques. It investigated which tutorial has the highest search volume on Youtube via Ahrefs, revealing the most popular well-being trends in the UK.

Guided Meditation ranked as the most popular well-being technique. Brits want to learn, with 14,000 monthly searches for relevant classes. With 11,000 monthly tutorial searches on Youtube, Yoga for Beginners ranked as the second most popular well-being technique.

Tai Chi for beginners came third with 6,100 searches on average in the UK. This is followed by the positive affirmations method and stretching exercises.

The Knowledge Academy can reveal that guided meditation ranked as the no.1 well-being technique Brits are most interested in. With an average of 14,000 monthly Youtube tutorial searches around the topic, video-guided meditation gives those new to meditation something to follow, helping them to find calm and peace within a few minutes.

According to a scientific report, 63% of respondents said meditation had helped “a great deal” in enhancing their physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga for beginners ranked as the second most popular well-being technique British people wanted to learn, with 11,000 monthly tutorial searches on Youtube. Following yoga videos online has been a great choice for anyone who feels uncomfortable taking an in-person class or wants an affordable alternative.

Originating from India as a tradition focusing on mind, body and soul, yoga has become popular worldwide among 300 million practitioners for building physical strength and easing anxiety. 

In third place is Tai Chi for beginners, with 6,100 average monthly searches on Youtube in the UK. As a form of Chinese martial art formulated in the 12th century, Tai Chi gained practitioners worldwide for its physical health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, and its significant impact on increasing psychological well-being, reducing anxiety and enhancing mood. 

Positive affirmations ranks in fourth position with 5,100 monthly searches in the UK. Practising positive phrases to challenge negative thoughts reduces health deteriorating high stress and promotes positive coping. Youtube is one of the most useful places to look for inspiration when building your list of affirmations. 

Tutorials for stretching exercises ranked as the fifth most popular well-being technique. Brits wanted to learn on Youtube. This is followed by the time management method Pomodoro Technique which helps prevent mental exhaustion. 

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