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An Invitation to ‘Yes We Can Youth Clinics’ Open Evening

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‘When All Else Fails’
20 February 2018,Tuesday, 18:00–21:30
Central London

Yes We Can Youth Clinics is a globally recognised treatment centre in the Netherlands which specialises in the rehabilitation of young people (13–25 years old) with complex behavioural disorders, addictions, and related behavioural problems.

Since 2010, Yes We Can Clinics has helped thousands of young people and their families to overcome deadlock situations. To meet growing demand, in August 2017 the Clinic opened the doors to a new 24-bed international facility running an English speaking programme and housed in a renovated 14th century castle on the 17-acre Groenendael Estate on the outskirts of Hilvarenbeek in the Netherlands.

During the Open Evening in London on 20 February 2018, Tuesday, Jan Willem Poot will  talk about his own recovery story while presenting why the Yes We Can Youth Clinics Treatment model is so successful. He will be joined by Head Counsellor Rogier Buningh and some past fellows who will also share their experiences.  

The evening is free to attend and anyone interested in finding out about the Clinic and the treatment programme is welcome, including counsellors, therapists, GPs and other healthcare professionals. Friends and family members can also attend. To register for a ticket please click here.

Founder Jan Willem Poot says: ‘One of our key success factors is that we work with universal principles, like the unconditional acceptance of human beings. We don’t judge, don’t punish, yet we don’t shun confrontation either. To make the youngsters self-reliant again, we offer safety, warmth, love and the best therapeutic approach, along which a lot of sports. And this really makes the difference. We have to give them a reason why they should change.’

Yes We Can Youth Clinics offer an intensive ten-week treatment programme. Seven days a week, fellows (clients) follow a structured schedule starting at 6.30am until to lights-out at 11pm; receive 4 hours of intensive one-on-one therapy, 20 hours of group therapy, 27 hours of (sports) activities and 10 hours of education a week. There is no access to the internet, phones, tablets, TV or any other device that can distract youngsters from recovery. Half-way through the programme at 5 weeks, family members are requested to attend a 4-day family programme designed to motivate parents and carers to take responsibility for their changed roles and to commit to a permanent recovery programme for both themselves and the fellow. The organisation also offers comprehensive tailored secondary and tertiary aftercare.

Children and young people from all over the world visit the treatment centre to end their self-destructive behavioural patterns, regain their self-respect and begin to make positive choices in their lives.

One of the first fellows to recently complete the international programme comments: ‘It was a lovely place, I’ve been to several rehabilitation treatment programmes in the past but the results were always null. I’m grateful for the programme, it has brought me back to life.’

To register to attend the free Open Evening on 20 February 2018,Tuesday, please click here.

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