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Yellow Dog UK Raises Awareness for Dogs That Need Space

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Believe it or not, not every dog wants attention; some dogs are in training, some dogs have health issues or are recovering from surgery, and some dogs have been rescued being, rehabilitated or have suffered a bad experience, nervous dogs, or older, fragile dogs that find the world a scary place, through no fault of their own.

These are the dogs Yellow Dog Charity wants to help with this important campaign and instantly recognisable branding. The charity is sharing this message across our dog-loving nation so that all dogs and owners can enjoy their walks; the shy, the old, the injured, the timid – they deserve the joy of walks too by being aware that if you see a dog with his smart yellow bandana, jacket or lead on, you give them space.

Yellow Dog is an international campaign creating awareness for the dogs that need space, launched in 2012 in Sweden by Eva Oliversson, a certified dog trainer and dog behaviourist.

Yellow Dog hopes that both adults and children alike will learn that it is always respectful and important to ask before approaching or stroking a dog; this then becomes a good lifelong habit that works well for both animals and humans.

As the issue is not about aggressive dogs, any aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle, but that the charity is a tool to help with training or socialising dogs and responsible dog owners. 

Dave and Alison are the UK ambassadors for Yellow dog, having had Yellow Dogs themselves. They passionately believe in the Yellow Dog campaign and what it can achieve for these dogs and their owner’s quality of life by educating everyone in the UK that Yellow Dogs need space. 

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