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World’s First Major in Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership Launches in Canada

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Dr Kendra Coulter is leading a brand-new major, the very first of its kind, at Huron University College in Ontario, Canada: Animal Ethics, Sustainability and Leadership (AESL).

AESL is the only degree programme of its kind in the world and allows students who are passionate about animals and the planet to develop both their knowledge and their leadership and organisational skills.

Professor in management and organisational studies, coordinator of AESL, and fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Dr Coulter, will be coordinating the degree programme, which will welcome its first students in September 2024.

Huron University welcomes high-achieving students from more than 50 countries. One of Canada’s founding universities, Huron today has one of the highest admissions averages in the country. 

In Huron’s deliberately small classes, students in AESL will learn how animals are, and could be, protected through law and policy; study sustainable business strategies and opportunities; have ethical debates about our responsibilities to other species; consider the relationships between nature and technology; along with other ecological topics that reflect their specific interests and goals.

Outside the classroom, students benefit from extensive career-development services, networking and mentorship opportunities, and an authentic community of care. 

Dr Kendra Coulter said: “Animal Ethics, Sustainability and Leadership, is about positive and meaningful impact – for animals, our shared planet, and other people. Our graduates will be ethical leaders who help make the dream of a more humane, sustainable, and just future a reality.”

Dr Clair Linzey, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in England, of which Dr Coulter is a Fellow, said: “The launch of this course is extremely significant and we warmly welcome it. The Centre has been advocating the ethical treatment of animals for many years, and the fact that Huron University College has introduced this as a full-degree programme demonstrates how we, as a society, are progressing in our attitudes towards animals. This can only be a good thing for the animals, the environment, and people. We commend Dr Coulter and Huron for trailblazing with this degree.”

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