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World’s First Eco Rehab Concept Opens in Southern Spain

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The impact of various traumatic stressors related to COVID-19 has already led to diverse mental health problems, including addiction, anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other related disorders. Moreover, studies have explored other stressors adding to individuals’ emotional and addiction related burdens, such as social isolation, economic losses, and working from home while caring for children and other family members.

Hacienda Paradiso exists as the panacea to addiction in a post-Covid world of anxiety, stress and depression. The setting of the new eco rehab concept from the multiple award-winning Villa Paradiso Group is no accident. The majestic blue skies and breathtaking scenery of the surrounding ecosystems buck the trend towards urbanization and consumerism. And with many people seeking an opportunity to get closer to nature, Hacienda Paradiso is part of this movement. A stay at Hacienda Paradiso addresses all the benefits; physical, mental, and spiritual, that the environment can offer to those that develop a deep integral connection with nature.

Hacienda Paradiso is more than just a rehab clinic. It’s a vision. A way of life that effortlessly blends World Class treatment and sustainable living through water conservation, organic gardening, and ecological restoration.

Nature dominates life at Hacienda Paradiso Rehab: Magnificent views stretch across high Spanish plains, sunlight dances across the Caminito del Rey, and white Andalusian villages melt into the landscape.

For clients beginning their recovery journey at Hacienda Paradiso the in-house detox program, Purify is usually the first stage of becoming free from drug and alcohol dependency. Purify by Hacienda Paradiso was created to ease the discomfort associated with detox by restoring the body and mind in safe and comfortable surroundings, under medical supervision. The detox process will be complete within seven to ten days, with many clients beginning a successful program of recovery after the detox process is complete.

When clients spend time walking through the beautiful grounds of Hacienda Paradiso, they’re bathed in fresh air and treated to the ever-changing play of light, boosting their immune system and producing sleep regulating melatonin.

According to Cristian Faro, founder of the award-winning Villa Paradiso Group of Rehabs: ‘Being in nature improves your mental health. Drugs and alcohol cause people to disconnect, while getting outdoors reconnects you with nature, humanity and a universal force that can sustain you through the stages of recovery. The endings and new beginnings of the natural world offer perspective about your relationship with addiction.’

Exceptional, affordable rehab

With treatment costing between €10,000 and €12,500 per month, Hacienda Paradiso has been awarded Best Affordable rehab in Europe by Worlds Best Rehab, beating over 30 other treatment clinics in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Spain to the coveted award.

Hacienda Paradiso donates 50% of turnover to local charities and causes, reinforcing its position as a truly sustainable, ecological rehab experience.

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