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The World’s Fastest Autoflowering Varieties

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Autoflowers are fast-growing strains. They mature in about 8 weeks, unlike other photoperiod strains which take longer.

With the availability of autoflowers, you don’t have to wait for several months anymore. Their progress from veg to bloom is so quick. Since they grow within a very short period, there is usually no need for much fertilizer and other maintenance practices.

We know you want to know the best auto flower seed to go for as you’re getting started. As you read on, you’ll find more details on the fastest autoflowering varieties. 

Let’s look at the fastest autoflowering cannabis strains. They include:

Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

This is obtained from the combination of three different forms of cannabis. It is a combination of Bubble gum and OG Kush with Critical Automatic. It is usually ready for harvest after just 7–8 weeks. When planted indoors, it could be between 40cm–80cm and could grow between 60cm–100cm when planted outdoors. That alone is discreet enough.

When harvested, you can get between 400g/m² indoors. Outdoors, you can get as much as 200g per plant. It has 18% THC content that provides a long-lasting and relaxing high. It generally gives a soothing effect.

Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds)

The second on our list is Quick One. Quick One is usually ready in exactly 8 weeks. It is a combination of Lowryder 1 and Old School Indica. It grows between 50-60cm while indoors and 60cm–100cm while outdoors.  

When harvested, you can get up to 325g/m² on those planted indoors. The outdoor variants can offer up to 100g per plant. It comes with 13% THC with indica genetics and a diverse Terpenes profile. It offers a physically relaxing high. 

+Speed Auto (Sweet Seeds)

When you want speed, +speed auto provides it. In exactly 7 weeks (49 days) your +speed auto is ready for harvest. It is a combination of Auto Critical Mass and Speed Devil 2. It grows to about 90cm and that is still quite discreet.

When harvested, you’ll get up to 200g/m² for those planted indoors. The outdoor ones can produce as much as 150g per plant. This is a balanced indica and sativa hybrid that provides thick buds. You can get a stimulating high that promotes creativity from it.

Purple Punch Auto (Barney’s Farm)

Purple Punch is one of the fastest varieties of autoflowering seeds. It is ready for harvest after 8-9 weeks. In the 9th week, it always blossoms into a fully formed force. On average, the purple Punch can get to 80cm in height.

When harvest calls, you should expect to get about 400g/m² from the indoor plants. On the outdoor ones, you can get up to 400g per plant. It contains a medium amount of THC and a few other Terpenes. This brings about just the perfect amount of relaxing high.

Caramel Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

Another fast variety is the caramel automatic which takes 8 weeks to mature. It is indica-dominant although it is made up of sweet caramel and ruderalis. It doesn’t grow beyond the 100cm mark.

During harvest, you can get as much as 450g/m² from indoor plants. And from outdoor plants, you can get as much as 400g per plant. It has a THC content of about 14% and a CBD content of about 3%. It delivers a body melting high characterised by incessant smiling when used.

La Diva (Delicious Seeds)

In addition to being a fast grower, this is a robust strain. It is a combination of Il Diavolo and Blueberry. It takes about 6–7 weeks to be ready for harvest.  It does not also exceed the 100cm mark. 

On harvesting, you should get about 450g/m² for those planted indoors and about 100g per plant for those outdoors. With a THC level of about 15%–20%, it delivers a worry-free and calm mind to the user. 

Monster Mash Auto (Exotic Seeds)

Monster mash auto is another fast variety of autoflowers that matures in about 7 weeks. It is a hybrid strain of American Kush and Black Domina. It averages 85cm in height.

You can be sure to get up to 500g/m² from your indoor plants and close to that per plant from the outdoor ones. Thus it gives a bounty harvest. It promises to deliver relaxation to the user with a nice flavor on the side.

Watermelon Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Watermelon Automatic comes from two different strains; Tpicana Cookies and Lemon OG. It grows between 80-110cm indoors and 100-120cm outdoors. It is ready for harvest after 6–7weeks.

You can get up to 500g/m² for the indoor plants and around 100g per plant for those outside. It contains around 20% THC added to its flavourful genes. It promises a relaxing high with a little bit of bliss.

Original Auto Skunk (Fastbuds)

This takes about 8–9 weeks to be ready for harvest. It averages 80 to 100cm in height. You can get up to 500g/m² when you harvest indoor plants and up to 150g per plant from outdoor counterparts. It promises a relaxing and soothing effect with the 20% THC content.

Green-O-Matic (Greenhouse seeds)

It is made from the combination of wild dwarf, low rider, Moroccan, and ruderalis. It takes just 6 weeks to be ready. It also promises a bumper harvest of up to a whopping 800g/m² indoors.

It contains about 15% THC and this combines to give a deep relaxing and lasting high characterised by euphoria.


Autoflowers provide speed and discreet planting to growers with ease. Take advantage of these time saving autoflower seeds for the next growing season and be sure to harvest multiple times. However, you should source your autoflower seeds from only reputable seed shops like the Herbies Seed Shop. You should take advantage of the top-quality products they’ve got on there.

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