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6 Signs Your Workplace Needs an Employee Assistance Programme

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The workplace is an ever-evolving industry that changes its ways and means at an incredible pace. Over the past few years, it has been modernizing in such a way that employees are often finding it difficult to cope with the accumulating pressure which has drained them in the long run. What is more surprising is the increased ‘burnout’ levels of productivity showcased by employees even amidst dwindling employment growth and modest wage growth. Those who do not complain of being burned out, turn out to be struggling in other ways. In such a scenario, an employee assistance programme is important in Singapore where one in six employees experience excruciating levels of workplace-induced stress.

Mental illness and stress are more rampant than ever, and it cannot simply be brushed aside as a personal issue. Mental wellness is an often overlooked but essential aspect of maintaining a healthy business in the long run. An employee assistance programme comes to depressed, anxious, and highly stressed employees as a relief and a means to refuel their fizzing productivity. Let us now know more about uncovering signs that indicate that your workplace needs an employee assistance programme to reduce turnover rates and boost productivity as a whole. 

An employee assistance programme is a counselling and consulting assistance programme for helping affected employees deal with their personal and professional problems which might be negatively impacting their job. Assistance may be all-inclusive, of different forms such as financial help, workplace relationships, performance boosters, help with substance abuse, mental issues, child and elder care, and much more depending upon the organisation.

It is important to recognise the need for an employee assistance programme in the first place. Here are some signs that can be considered as definitive factors:


 If the well-being of an employee is missing in any organization, it may lead to your employees feeling undervalued and they will start skipping work. It can be a troublesome problem in the future. Increased absenteeism is an indicator of dissatisfied employees, which rouses the need for an employee assistance programme where they can raise their specific concerns and get heard. This will also automate the whole process of ensuring an employee’s overall well-being.

Stunted productivity

Distraction stemming from personal and professional problems is the numero uno productivity killers for employees at a workplace. It shows the lack of creativity and motivation to derive results at work. EAPs can step in to make amends in resolving their problems through financial help, sorting out workplace conflicts, and counselling. 

More turnover

Turnover has always been a grave threat to organizations in the corporate place. It costs the company heavily in terms of revenue and market presence in the long run. If the employees feel less valued and are not sure of their position and contribution in generating revenue for the organization, the company witnessed a high turnover rate. This is where an employee assistance programme comes into place to solve employees’ problems and provide necessary solutions. 

Low morale

It is a common observation to find employees in your organisation who performed well until their morale and quality of work dropped all of a sudden. If your employees are struggling in keeping their morale up, there are chances of some serious hurdles in their life. Employee assistance programmes play an important role in clarifying their problems and suggesting a way out of their misery holes.

Negative work environment

A negative work environment is characterised by an imminent presence of stress that hangs over like a cloud on the minds of the employees. It often leads to problems like reduced productivity, turnover, and lethargic negative energy lurking around in the workplace. EAPs help to alleviate their problems and charge up the atmosphere with positive vibes that lead to better concentration and fruitful results. 

Disparaging remarks of ethnic or racial nature

Many corporate workplaces are not immune to the bane of racism and employees who support the usage of disparaging remarks, jokes, and humour of an ethnic or racial nature. This leads to the feeling of alienation within the minds of the employees that are at the receiving end of popular racial slurs. It invariably leads to grouping, which is detrimental to the harmony of an organization. Employee assistance programmes are the best to counter and contain such vices in workplaces.


Employee assistance programmes are just a minor offshoot of an invariably large and complex puzzle of supporting employee mental health and rooting for their optimal working conditions. A comprehensive plan that is inclusive of benefit offerings, counselling sessions, financial help, workload management, feedback mechanisms, and holistic development sessions is required if your company wishes to make significant progress on this important, yet elusive front. The programme will take time to blossom and become a success, but it is an important asset in the long run. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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