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10 Workout Equipment for a Healthy Lifestyle You Must Consider

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When it comes to working out at home, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment for the job. With so many different types of workout machines on the market, you may not be sure where to start or which option is best for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help, here are 10 different workout equipment options.

Vibration plate

A vibration plate was called a fad for a long time, but the evidence is now showing that it is the exact opposite. If you are new to exercise, it is a great way to increase circulation, muscle strength and tendon.  You can get them in an array of shapes and sizes to fit any room! Once you become comfortable with the equipment, you can begin standing on it, doing lunges and other exercises to build muscle and stability. 

Exercise bike

An exercise bike has been regarded as one of the go-to pieces of workout equipment and for good reason. They are exceptionally low impact, meaning you don’t damage any joints and can help you build cardio and muscle. You can get an array of different types of bikes from ones that are collapsible to ones that need to be fixed. 

Weighted hula hoop

It may seem like a childish option or one that you were good at as a kid, but a hula hoop is a great way to not only burn calories but strengthen your core muscles. It is an excellent way to also develop your balance and tendon strength. 


If we’re talking about home workout equipment, then you cannot discard the tried and tested treadmill. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to run marathons within the first week of purchase, but regular walking can help improve mobility, flexibility, and circulation. 

Skipping rope

If you want to increase your cardio as well as tendon strength and coordination, then skipping is a very cheap, effective and compact way to build up your fitness. Whilst it can take a while to build up the coordination to achieve unbroken skipping, once you get there it is an effective exercise for your shoulders, core, legs and cardiovascular system. 


If you are looking for a full-body workout and don’t want to focus solely on cardio, then why not consider a full body vibration machine? These often have an array of functions, with various ways that you can use the cables and pulley system. These systems help you to build muscle and develop strength with decreased body fat and reduce the chance of diabetes later in life. 

Press-up board

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home but you still want all the benefits of working out in a gym, a 9-1 pushup board can be your answer. Not only does it give you an array of different styles of press-ups you can also attach different resistance bands to it to give you a wide choice of exercises to perform. 

Dumbbell tree 

If you want to build muscle and do some conditioning exercises then a dumbbell tree is an excellent way to do this. You can have a variety of weights from 1kg all the way up to 7kg which can help you build muscle and endurance in many different ways. Building muscle is an excellent way to stimulate your metabolism, increase strength, balance and stability as well as improve your mental health. 

Vertical climber

If you want something that’s a bit different then a vertical climbing machine could be the way to do it. These are excellent pieces of equipment as you can store them against the wall and no one will be any the wiser as to what it is. The climber is an excellent way of building muscle density in your legs as well as improving mobility and flexibility. It is one of those types of exercises that even after a few minutes, you’ll start feeling the burn, so you’ll know it’s working. 

Final thoughts 

When it comes to working out from home, you want to make sure that you are selecting a piece of equipment that you’ll enjoy using. This is because if you don’t enjoy using it, you’ll allow it to gather dust in the corner. Before you select your piece of equipment, you want to consider your exercise goals. If you are new to exercise, why not consider a vibration plate to start with? They are easy to fit in your own home and give you an excellent base. If you are already adept when it comes to exercise, why not increase your strength on a multi-use machine? This way you can develop muscle and increase your metabolism from your living room. 

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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