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Working from Home? 10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Productive

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The global pandemic has changed the world in a lot of ways, including how we socialise and work. Even if you’ve never worked from home, you probably had to suddenly transition to telecommuting because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Whether you’ve been struggling with your new work set up or need some guidance to improve your productivity, here are some useful tips for you. 

Designate a separate space

Consider this as an intervention if you’ve been working on your bed. It may seem cosy to just get up and start working on your laptop without getting out of bed. But it’s killing your productivity. How can you stay motivated in a place of rest and vice versa? 

Find a corner in your room or another part of the house to set up an office space. A designated workspace will help you get in a productive mindset. 

Maintain a schedule

When you are home most of the time, every day can start to feel the same. Instead of staying up till dawn scrolling through your phone, make an effort to go to bed at a reasonable time. Start your day early and maintain your usual schedule, like you would if you were going to work.

Change out of pyjamas

One of the perks of working remotely is wearing your comfiest clothes and no pressure to get ready in the morning. While we’re not suggesting you start wearing formal wear at home, it would certainly be helpful to take a shower and change your clothes, even if you change into another set of loungewear. 

Talk to your family or roommates

Whether you’re living with spirited toddlers or loud roommates, it is a good idea to talk to your family about boundaries. Maybe your partner can watch the kids for the first half of the day, and you can take over after that. 

Play white noise

On the other hand, if you live alone, then the silence can be just as disturbing as the noise. Listening to music is a great way to stay focused, but if you can’t concentrate with music then play white noise. There are websites and Youtube videos offering white background noise replicating office sounds.

Invest in a good chair

You don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture and equipment for your home office. But one piece of furniture you should definitely think about splurging on is a high-quality work chair. If you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of a screen, it’s important to have an ergonomic chair. 

Neck and shoulder pain is quite common in people with desk jobs. It would be best to immediately consult a professional for shoulder pain treatment.

Take frequent breaks

Do you forget to take breaks? Overworking yourself is not going to make you feel more productive. Remember to take frequent breaks rather than staring at your screen for hours on end. If you can, take a full one-hour lunch break.

Put your phone down

When you are taking a break, avoid going on your phone. Get up and stretch or maybe go out for a short walk.

Eat well and exercise

With gyms being closed, you may not have the motivation to workout. But look for creative ways to move your body and get some much-needed exercise. It’s also important to eat healthily and on time. 

Use your holidays

You probably have your holidays piling up with nowhere to go. That doesn’t mean you have to continue working without any days off. Use your holidays to just relax and revitalise at home.


Working remotely is quite convenient as you don’t have to endure the daily morning commute, but the lack of human interaction can make you feel isolated. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips help you create some sense of normalcy and get your groove back.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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