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Working with a Divorce Attorney in Milwaukee: What You Need to Know

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Navigating through a divorce is often challenging and emotionally taxing. But being in Wisconsin, a no-fault divorce state, offers some relief as couples don’t have to assign blame to legally separate. That said, even with the relative ease of the legal process here, many find themselves entangled in complications that can stretch over years. In such situations, hiring a divorce attorney can prove to be invaluable. This article aims to give you essential pointers on how to build a constructive relationship with your divorce attorney in Milwaukee.

Research enough to find the right one

Would you ever trust a general physician to perform your surgery? Just as you seek specialised care for your health, the rule remains the same for legal matters. Ask around, check online directories, and look at Google ratings to choose the right lawyer. Opt for someone based in Milwaukee because local courts can function differently across various counties. Also, ensure the lawyer specialises in family law.

Share every detail

For the best support during your divorce, be transparent with your attorney. If your lawyer asks questions about conflicts with your spouse, be honest and upfront. Also, share details about finances, assets, children, and other pertinent aspects. This enables your lawyer to offer well-informed advice.

Ask about communication

Unlike personal injury cases where communication between the attorney and the client is less frequent, divorce cases often require regular contact, especially in the early stages when you are negotiating with your spouse or resolving issues. Discuss how you will communicate with your attorney.

Pay heed to advice

Your lawyer aims to finalise the divorce as quickly as possible and will give you specific dos and don’ts to help achieve that. For example, if you are having an affair, your lawyer may recommend that you refrain from posting anything on social media. They may also guide you on issues like child custody and alimony. Listen to their advice carefully.

Be patient

Finalising a divorce can be a lengthy process. While there is a mandatory waiting period in Wisconsin, divorces often take longer. Trust your attorney to look out for your interests. Remember, they are probably juggling multiple cases at once, and they will update you when necessary.

In conclusion, working with a divorce attorney during this difficult time can significantly alleviate your stress and confusion. By selecting an experienced lawyer, maintaining transparency, being open to communication, following their advice, and exercising patience, you are setting yourself up for the best possible outcome. Remember, the attorney is not just there to represent you; they are a crucial part of your support system. So choose wisely, communicate clearly, and stay patient as you navigate through this challenging chapter of your life.

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