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Wonkacore: Expert Reveals How to Style Children’s Bedroom Interiors

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Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated “Wonkafilm on Friday, 8th December 2023, Emily Simmons, Creative Director at innovative interiors brand Ruggable, has shared expertise on how parents can incorporate their children’s favourite Roald Dahl stories into their bedroom interiors. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

From Oompa Loompas and Charlie Bucket to Everlasting Gobstoppers and chocolate galore, Willy Wonka’s story lets children experience a world of pure imagination. 

Emily suggests: “With Wonkacore becoming the latest trend to dominate the interior world, you can really let your imagination run wild when creating a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” interior style for your little one. 

If Willy Wonka is a character you want to reflect within your child’s bedroom interior, opt for rich purple tones as your main colour palette, paired with gold accenting to add a subtle nod to the book’s iconic Golden Ticket. This can be achieved by accessorising with the metallic colour through furnishings and decor or using gold paint to highlight wall features, like the coving or window frames.

If you’re going for a more sweet-inspired theme, think bold designs for your walls, like candy cane stripes or sweetie swirls, and accessorise with bright colours, like greens, blues, and pinks. Using contrasting colours throughout the interior will really encapsulate the fun, vibrant feel of Wonka’s chocolate factory, creating a playful environment for your child to enjoy.”


Studious, creative, and one of the kindest characters to come out of Roald Dahl’s world, Matilda is the perfect interior inspiration for those who love to explore the adventures amongst the pages of their favourite books. 

Emily suggests: “For a Matilda-inspired room, use the character’s love of books as the main feature for the room. This could be done by creating a book corner with a bed canopy draped over the bookcase and fairy lights placed along the shelves for added magic. 

For something more bold, you could create a feature wall, using one wall to place shelving all the way across to build your child’s very own library, stacking books vertically and horizontally to really capture the essence of Matilda’s love of reading.

Using a rug as the centre focus near the bookcase, you can position floor cushions and pillows around the edge of the rug to create a cosy yet comfortable seating space for your little ones to enjoy every page they turn.

Finally, to encourage your child’s love of learning, incorporate aspects such as globes, musical instruments, and telescopes to really help spark their imagination.”  

The Witches 

The book that made all of us fearful of being turned into mice as children can be surprisingly fantastic inspiration for your child’s bedroom.

Emily explains: “You can create a beautiful, whimsical decor for your child that takes inspiration from “The Witches”, through decadent interior palettes such as soft mauves, greys, and navy shades, paired with heavy, draped curtains, and intricate floral and forestry patterns.

Fairytale designs, such as mystical castles and enchanted woodlands, would make the perfect theme for feature walls, while wooden flooring layered with flat woven rugs in traditional prints adds a great finishing touch to the whimsical decor.”

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