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The Wonders of Outdoor Meditation

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Just being outdoors doing nothing in a clean and healthy environment is great enough. Add to it, meditation and you’ve got yourself a deal, and anyone would have to drag you back indoors.

There’s a reason why meditation retreats around the world are usually found surrounded by nature, whether it’s mountains, oceans, or forests. Being in the midst of nature is where your senses and perception come alive.

You might not be able to make it to a retreat but you can still find a place outdoors. When you do that, you’ll escape from indoor distractions, and instead have the surroundings of a beautiful park, for instance. If you’ve never tried meditating outdoors, then give it a try after this quick read.

First things first, so find your spot outdoors. You don’t have to be in any special posture. You could be sprawled on a chair in your backyard, or sitting down on a park bench.


When outdoors, this is the time you are connecting with basically everything. From the sky above to the earth under your feet and everything in between. People who reach a good level of meditation find beauty in nearly everything. For the meditator, solitude is a great thing, but so is having people around, even if they don’t know them.

So while you’re sitting on a park bench, for instance, don’t focus on others in a negative way. Simply do your thing as long as you’re feeling comfortable in the spot you chose. Mind you, you won’t always find the optimal atmosphere around you, but you don’t have to. There is great meditation feeling a breeze on your skin or the fresh smell of the ocean, as there is in listening to city traffic.

More grounded

Just being outdoors gets you more grounded. You can ground yourself easier outdoors by walking and being conscious of your movements and steps. There are other ways besides walking to get grounded outdoors, which is why lots of people like practising yoga outdoors, on grass or on beach shore. If that’s your thing, you can have a look at the top yoga mats for 2019, and even if you don’t want to practise yoga outdoors, you can take your mat outside and just lie down under the great sky and begin to meditate. If you’ve been stuck in an office for eight hours, almost any place outside is going to be a blessing.

More stimuli

Indoor meditation might seem difficult, especially for beginners, because of the lack of stimuli. And when something is difficult you can get bored. It’s much easier for your mind to wander off when bored. The sounds and smells around you keep your mind from wandering and keep you in the now.

It’s not easier or harder

It can’t be said that outdoor meditation is easier or harder than indoors, but it certainly is different. Most people who do meditate regularly likely practice both and enjoy the benefits each one brings. When you’re outside, tune into the thing that gives you the most pleasure about being outside. That feeling will energise and inspire you.

If you want to try outdoor meditation and experience its benefits, you are welcome to join us on MenPowerment or Mantra Therapy.

Prashant Kotecha is a co-facilitator for MenPowerment. He brings wisdom, spiritual depth and humour developed through a decade of running international retreats. 

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