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Wonderful Cities in New England to Call Home

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There’s so much to love about New England, from the amazing nature to the friendly people. Are you someone who’s visited and are now considering a move there? Have you never been there but it’s always where you felt like you’d belong? If either of these sound like you, here’s a few places to consider living in that everyone is sure to love.

Burlington, Vermont

This popular city is found on the shores of Lake Champlain and is the home of the University of Vermont and the around half of the state’s tech industry. So if you are looking for an education or a great career, it’s hard to beat the quaint setting that is in Burlington. 

Don’t feel like this city is just for the young, however. It’s also a great place for the young at heart, as it’s known to be a desirable place to retire. No matter the point of life that you’re at, there’s loads to love. There’s all the nature you’d expect being so close to Lake Champlain as well as a wonderful food scene with great options for coffee and breakfast or night on the town. 

Boston, Massachusetts

It’s no secret that Boston has a reputation for being expensive, but that comes with the territory of its age and how developed it already is. Don’t be put off by that, because if you are, you’ll be missing out on one of the best cities not only in New England, but in the country. Take one look at the Boston houses for sale and you’ll quickly see every house is chalk fun with charm you won’t find anywhere else. 

No matter what you’ve loved about the other cities you’ve lived in, it’s very possible Boston does it better. From their amazing sports teams, such as the Red Sox and the Patriots, to the beer and the pizza, it’s all the best in Boston.

Even getting around is easier in Boston than in a lot of other cities. Many consider it one of the most walkable cities in the US and it earns that reputation. The small size helps that but so does the efficiency of the T, Boston’s subway system. Parking can be hard downtown, so get yourself a commuter pass as well as some comfy shoes and you should have a fine time getting around the city. 

Warwick, Rhode Island

If having a few great hiking places is of the utmost importance when looking for somewhere new to call home, don’t pass up all that Warwick has to offer. You’ll not only have over 39 miles of coastline to explore but also more than 850 acres of preserved land to comb over to your heart’s content. 

If you can’t spend enough time outside but hiking isn’t quite for you, there’s plenty of beach to enjoy along that coastline and great kayaking at Conimicut Point. If you’re just looking for a camping spot to take the kids for the weekend, Rocky Point is where you’ll be looking to go. 

There’s plenty to do in town as well, from the wonderful theatre that is The Gamm to an amazing boardwalk that has restaurants you are sure to love with food you’d have to see to believe.

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