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Women’s Health Issues: How Do Health Systems Compare for Women Worldwide?

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TV personality Stacey Solomon has revealed that she wants to get the nation talking about women‘s health issues, as she finds it both “sad and scary” that there is a lack of research into the field. 

Very often, those who identify as female will end up receiving sub-par healthcare in comparison to their male counterparts for a variety of different reasons.  

In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was common for women to be diagnosed with hysteria, brushing off any real diagnosis and leaving them suffering through their genuine medical conditions. 

Despite the general quality of global healthcare improving significantly since there are arguably more important measures to be taken in certain territories regarding female-focused treatments and care. 

With this in mind, the Global Health Inequalities Report by the experts at Radar Healthcare has revealed which countries around the world offer the fairest access to healthcare treatments for women based on the current laws and regulations. 

The research discovers the healthcare systems worldwide that are statistically the most helpful for women. This analysis considered access to abortions, IVF treatment options, birth control access, and medical tests and screenings aimed exclusively at biological females. 

The UK is leading the way in female healthcare, with a score of 82/105. Second on the list was Canada, with an overall score of 80.5/105. 

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