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Revealed: 94% of Women Find Football Fans Unattractive

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A new study by TopRatedCasinos investigates how our favourite sports teams can affect our dating lives, unveiling which football and basketball teams are the most attractive to potential matches on Tinder.

The team created two fake profiles, one male and one female, and then edited them to show support for different Premier League and NBA teams. They then tracked how many matches each team received, revealing which fans were the champions of the dating app game and which were left sitting on the bench.

Chelsea crowned most attractive Premier League team for women to support

For ladies looking for love, supporting Chelsea may be the ticket to success; the female Chelsea fan profile received a 65% success rate, making this the most attractive team for women to support on dating apps.

Manchester City also proved popular among male matches, coming in second with a 57% swipe success rate, followed by Aston Villa at 54%.

Men have over a one in three chance of getting matches when they support Leeds United

As for men, Leeds United fans stay ahead of the competition with a swipe success rate of 34%, followed by Aston Villa with 22% and Southampton with 18%. 

Women who support Nottingham Forest only have a 31% chance of success on Tinder

As well as revealing the most attractive teams to support, the study highlighted which teams aren’t such a hit on dating apps. For women, the worst offender is Nottingham Forest, with a success rate of just 31% for the female Nottingham fan. That means women who proudly support this team on their dating profiles could be turning off almost seven out of 10 potential matches.

Tottenham fans turn off 94of women on dating apps

Bad news for Spurs fans: over nine in 10 women swiped left on the male Tottenham Hotspur fan’s profile, making this the least attractive team for men to support. After that, Crystal Palace, Brentford, Arsenal, Brighton and Hove Albion all rank joint second, with a dismal success rate of 9% each.

Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors fans are the most desirable on dating apps

Regarding basketball, female fans of the Brooklyn Nets take the lead with a success rate of 43%, just beating out rival New York Knicks fans with 39%. 

Meanwhile, male Toronto Raptors fans have the best luck with the ladies on dating apps, earning a success rate of 28%. Bulls supporters rank next with 26%, while Sixers fans follow in third with 24%.

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