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Winterizing Outdoor Shower

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Every outdoor shower requires specific preparation for wintering if you live in a cold region. This process is simple but necessary. I will share how I have been taking care of my shower for three years now. I do it at the beginning of autumn, without postponing it for later, because unexpected frosts can hit at night.

Free the pipes from the water

If water remains in the pipes, it can freeze (and expand) and make the pipes burst. Though modern pipes are durable, I don’t want to risk them.

I turn off the faucet that supplies the water to the shower, then turn on the shower faucets. The water should drain completely. After that, I leave the faucet open in case condensation collects inside the pipes.

Some people dry the hoses with compressed air.

Remove all possible elements

I do this so that moisture or frost does not damage the outer coating of the elements.

First, I disconnect the shower head. My shower head https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/luxury-outdoor-shower unscrews quite easily. I advise you to check the instructions from the manufacturer.

The next step is to disconnect all removable elements, for example, an additional watering can and a mixer. And don’t forget the filter if you have one. Let them dry and store them in bags at home.

Protect the rack and openings

I cover all the holes formed after removing the parts with plumbing tape. Some people plug them with a rag, but my method is more convenient for me.

I wrap the standing shower with a film or tarpaulin.

That’s it. I spend no more than an hour on it.

In the spring, I wait for really warm weather to assemble the shower because nighttime spring frosts can spoil all efforts. If you are looking for an outdoor shower or any other sanitary ware, I advise you to look here: https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/decorative-bathroom-sinks. Quality equipment that lasts for years. I also checked some options on my own and can safely advise to everyone.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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