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Winner of Psychreg’s Young Writers’ Competition 2022 Announced

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The winner of the Psychreg’s Young Writers’ Competition (PYWC) 2022 was announced today, with Sammy Taylor from London, UK chosen by the Psychreg team to win £500. 

Sammy’s winning piece dealt on her resilience following her brain surgery, which led to a stroke, long-term facial paralysis, and a pioneering facial reanimation surgery at the age of 26.

Out of 177 submissions from four countries, Sammy’s piece is one that really stood out. 

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Dennis Relojo-Howell, the founder and managing director of Psychreg, comments: ‘On behalf of the Psychreg team, we would like to congratulate Sammy Taylor. Her piece embodies this year’s theme of “bouncing back”.  The purpose of her writing is clear: to inspire and to communicate. It’s the kind of article we prefer at Psychreg.

‘We look forward to hosting next year’s writing competition to support emeging writers.’

The winner will be contacted through email and must respond to notification of their prize within five working days; otherwise the right to claim the prize will be lost and Psychreg reserves the right to award the prize to the next suitable winner.

PYWC is held annually to recognise and provide space for talented young writers aged 18–30.

The competition is open to articles in English, from applicants globally. But in order to give chance to other writers, PYWC is not open to Psychreg contributors

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