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Window to the Womb and BlueSkeye AI Develop Partnership to Support Women’s Mental Well-Being During Pregnancy

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Window to the Womb, the UK leading provider of private Baby Scan Services for pregnant women, has partnered with BlueSkeye AI to launch Avocado.

Avocado is a brand new pregnancy App that uses cutting-edge AI technology to support effective mood management. Window to the Womb is rolling out the use of the Avocado App across all 44 franchised clinics nationwide, enabling women who attend early, and later pregnancy ultrasound services to access their scan images and scan reports digitally.

In their drive to support women in early stages and throughout pregnancy, Window to the Womb has worked with BlueSkeye AI to provide a range of additional services within the app, including the ability to log a pregnancy diary, access mindfulness, or access mindfulness exercise material and order personalised baby scan photos.

Avocado provides women with the ability to understand and manage their mood and emotional well-being throughout pregnancy. Recognising that pregnancy and preparing to have a baby is a significant life event, it is well understood that pregnancy can be an emotive time. Pregnancy hormones can be a likely contributor to changes in mood and other triggers, including fatigue and sleep deprivation.

The Maternity Mental Health Alliance, a UK charity focused on addressing the needs of women during pregnancy, reported that 1 in 10 women experience perinatal mental problems, and more needs to be done to support women during pregnancy. The lived experiences of women, as documented and made available to listen to by MIND, who have experienced perinatal mental illness, indicate there is more to be done to help raise awareness in society about the prevalence of anxiety and depression during pregnancy.

Avocado enables women to track their mood alongside other key pregnancy metrics while managing their private scan appointments and much more. The app directs women to valuable resources, including the NHS’ Every Mind Matters mental health and well-being.

‘A Window to the Womb, we are privileged to meet and provide services to thousands of women at different stages of their pregnancies. We are committed to ensuring that women are well supported as they access our services, and we are keen to ensure that women are empowered to self-manage their mental and emotional well-being during this time,’ said Managing Director of Window to the Womb, Tony Harrison.

BlueSkeye AI is a fast-growth tech company based in Nottingham creating AI you can trust and is on a mission to improve well-being and patient health outcomes by delivering accessible and objective services and products that help patients understand and manage their mental health and well-being. The ethical AI company’s technology is underpinned by Behaviomedics, pioneered by BlueSkeye AI’s CEO, Professor Michel Valstar.

‘Our core technology automatically analyses and synthesises the face and voice to monitor mood and other medically relevant expressed behaviour. We are delighted to work in partnership with Window to the Womb to apply our technology to help perinatal women understand and manage their mental well-being,’ said Professor Valstar, CEO of BlueSkeye.

BlueSkeye AI has produced Avocado in response to Window to the Womb’s ambition to provide a holistic digital App for women accessing their services. During the development of Avocado, BlueSkeye and Window to the Womb engaged beta users from across the UK to help shape the design and feature development of the App.

75% of Avocado app users reported Avocado being a welcomed resource during pregnancy. The early adopters of the Avocado App have directly informed how this technology has been designed.

One user said to BlueSkeye AI: ‘I like that you can log your everyday life and keep track of you and your baby every day. It is intuitive and a nice pregnancy App.’ The app is available to download on Apple and Android devices. A premium version is now available for subscription and includes additional features that promote well-being during pregnancy.

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