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Window Dressing Is the New Way to Elevate Your Home: Here’s How

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Windows are exquisite elements that can transform the ambiance of any room in your home. The way you adorn them holds the power to redefine the entire mood.

With searches for “home window dressing ideas” rising by 200% over the last year, showroom stylist Jade Oliver at Express Bi-Folding Doors has curated a guide on how to navigate dressing your windows in a way that complements both your home and style, alongside some of the latest trends in window styling to inspire you, regardless of the room you’re decorating.

How to dress a classic window

If you have larger windows or French doors, floor-length curtains are an absolute must, especially with thicker materials. Not only will they block out the light, but they will also act as a source of insulation in these colder months. Searches for “thermal door curtains” have actually risen by 450% in the last three months as Brits look for alternative ways to keep their home warm this winter.

If you don’t want a thicker material, however, you could go for a classic cotton or linen curtain, which are usually available in a variety of styles and colours. Or a more luxurious option would be velvet.

“Velvet can get a bad reputation for being “too much” or even “tacky”, but when used correctly, it can create a much more inviting and cosy space. It’s just important not to overuse it; if you are using velvet curtains, using velvet elsewhere in the room could risk it looking too bold. I would recommend keeping the velvet as an accent piece with your curtains while using similar, complementing colours and different materials across other furnishings in the room,” Jade suggests.

How to dress a modern window

If you have a more contemporary or even industrial aesthetic in your home and struggle with how to dress your windows, then Jade suggests looking at voile curtains. “These are made from thick cotton or linen and are a perfect alternative if you don’t like thicker curtains and still want to keep an air of privacy. They let in plenty of light yet completely blocked the view to the outside,” she explains.

If you did want a thicker material, you could look at investing in a pelmet, a board of fabric that juts out from the wall where you can pull your curtains out and around to minimise the amount of light that escapes.

How to dress with window blinds

Some people may not want curtains at all and would rather opt for blinds. Vertical blinds are a great option for those with bigger windows or work well with the likes of sliding doors and bi-folding doors.

Roman blinds with their simple pull-and-halt feature give a smart look in your kitchen and bathroom, while bamboo rollers are a great way to allow light to filter in without exposing your room to those too-bright early morning rays.

However, if you do have a contemporary and “clean” style in your home, you might not want to even see your blinds. One recommended method is to install a pocket at the head of your windows or doors that can hold a drop-down blind. Another option is integral blinds, which are blinds sealed within the glass itself. This means they don’t have to be cleaned and can’t get damaged, and there is also nothing sitting above or around the window. Consider exploring custom made blinds uk which offer personalised options that perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic and functionality

“There is another option if you want neither blinds nor curtains, and it’s a perfect mix of the two: shutters. We’ve seen these grow in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason! They have the flexibility of blinds yet block light the way curtains would,” Jade suggests.

Express Bi-Folding Doors’ favourite window dressing trends

Choosing the type of dressing is only the first step; then you have to think about materials, colours, and patterns. Some people may already have a style in mind, but others might be starting with a completely blank slate. Express Bi-Folding Doors have shared their favourite window dressing trends.

Go bold: Make your home unforgettable with bold design choices. Whether it’s a striking colour, a jewel-toned accent, or a captivating graphic print, don’t miss out on this trend. Keep your space cohesive by incorporating similar patterns or colours.

Transform your home into a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and personality. Bold is beautiful, and your home deserves nothing less.

Layer up: Transform your windows into a symbol of luxury with the art of layering. Experiment with textures and fabrics to create a stunning focal point. Let your creativity shine through as you pair elements together to achieve the perfect balance of natural light and style in your space.

Decorative embellishments: Why not infuse a playful charm into your decor with the delightful addition of decorative embellishments? Pom-pom trim is currently in vogue, gracing both soft furnishings and high-street fashion. How about adorning a curtain or a blind with a whimsical pom-pom? This is an excellent choice for your child’s bedroom or to inject a touch of fun into any space.

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