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A Win at the Right Time – Saint Francis Hospice Story


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The lockdown has been particularly harsh on Lesley Haynett. As a salon owner, her business was one of the first to close, and it’ll be one of the last to reopen.

A £1,000 win on Saint Francis Hospice’s Lottery came just at the right time. Lesley counts herself lucky that she’s never known anyone who has needed the  Hospice’s care, but admitted that she most likely will at some point. That’s why she’s supported the charity for many years through the Collier Row Community Group.

Lesley plans to spend her winnings on bills that have mounted up through three months of non-trading. While the coronavirus pandemic has been tough financially, Lesley admitted that it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. ‘I’ve got to spend quality time with my family,’ she said. ‘I’m going to treat them so to something special after I’ve cleared my debts.’

Every week, someone will win £1,000 in the draw. The rollover prize can reach £25,000. 

 If you’d like to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot while doing something incredible for people living with life-limiting illnesses, you can sign up here, for less than £5 a month.

For more information on how our Hospice’s Lottery works, please see our FAQs


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