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Why Women Are Afraid to Fall in Love?

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Buddha once said: ‘Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.’ Well that is love in today’s world. That’s because out of millions of couples around the world, only a handful find their ‘happy ever after’.

In the very few relationships that I have been in, I have asked only one thing: ‘Tell me when you fall out of love, and I’ll tell you too.’ Relationships come with an expiry date; some expire in a month, while some take years. Relationships today seem devoid of love; sadly, it’s more of a case of ‘Thank you, next’.

Honestly, the whole concept of soul mates seems overrated to me. The one I trust the most in this world is me. I have seen way too many stomped hearts and broken relationships to pine for love. 

Women today don’t want a six-foot prince charming; they want a six-figure salary and freedom

I talked to my friends, and they said that one of the reasons why they do not believe in love is that it is unfair. I agree, love should be 50-50. If you are in a relationship alone, more than the bond, your heart breaks. To love someone and to not have that reciprocated when you are with them seems to be cruel punishment.

Another reason that I heard was that, love has no substance in today’s world. It’s true, love should mean something, being in love should make you happy. If you are with someone and still you feel alone, then you need to call it off. Love has gone from butterflies in the stomach, to orgasms in bed

What women want is not as difficult as men think it to be. We want to be loved and love in return, but that love needs to be selfless and boundless. But men have made it too complicated it to the extent that we question ourselves whether we are being unreasonable.

I do not want you to spend 24 hours with me, even a simple five-minute honest conversation is enough. Being in love means being with a person who makes you feel at ease and who understands you. 

The chances of getting your heart broken, prevents a woman from falling in love in the first place.

Hearts are fragile and contrary to popular belief, once your heart is broken, your trust is broken. Let me give you an example, if I place three glasses in front of you and say that one of them is poisoned, won’t you be wary of all the glasses?

Men have become those glasses; we do not know whether you are poisoned, but we are too afraid to drink.

Aarsha Prem is a mental health advocate.

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