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Why Do Some People Have a Tiny Hole Above Their Ears?

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Humans continuously evolved over the generations, leading to what we look today. But still some people bear the genes and certain attributes of the old organs that devolved over time. It’s possible that you’ve never noticed this hole in your ear before, or whether it was in someone else that you noticed it and got suddenly curious. When taking a closer look at this, it becomes clear that this is not a piercing or a scar. This ‘hole’ even has it is own its medical classification.

Many individuals differ in their qualities and body structure. Depending on your genetic makeup, you may have distinct eye, hair and skin colours as well as a varied body shape and limbs length, among other characteristics. A hole in one’s ear is an example of one of these small “deviations” that is called a preauricular sinus. In old times, before it was tightly researched, people believed that a hole in the ear spiritual meaning. But in reality, this abnormality that occurs during the development of the outer ear. Which is basically an opening to a tiny passage that opens at the beginning of the auricular loop. That may appear as a birthmark or even as a piercing on the skin.

This isn’t a hole that really has any purpose. It’s just a little hole in the ear that sometimes accidentally develops during the development of the fetus. This anomaly can also be passed on down the generations. Many tales and myths center around this hole, despite the fact that no one knows for certain what it is or how it got there.

It was 1864 when it was first documented about this abnormality. And according to a recent scientific research published, only around 0.1 percent of Americans have it, while 0.9% of Britons are affected. More interestingly, from 4 to 10 percent of people in Asia are affected by the condition. According to some estimates, this ratio might reach as high as 5 percent in South Korea, with the proportion being greater among some tribes in Africa.

During the course of embryonic development, the ear structures of all vertebrates are formed. In mammals, it contributes to the further development of the head. In contrast, in the fish, it is needed in the development of the gills. Apparently, according to Business Insider, this strange relationship led one evolutionary researcher to hypothesise that these ear-holes may be an evolutionary remnant of fish-gills, but at the time, there was no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Despite the fact that it has not been proved that this aberration is related to fish gills, it is a widely held belief that the possessor of an anomaly like this would inherit wealth. In most cases, if the hole in your ear doesn’t bother you, you’re in good shape. You are a person of an almost one-of-a-kind thing, and most likely you are wealthy.

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