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Why Miami Is the Go-to Place for Plastic Surgeries in the US

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With a population of over 460,000 people, Miami is among the most populated cities in Florida. But besides gorgeous beaches and exciting nightlife, the city is also famous for hosting some of the most attractive residents in the region, who owe their envious physiques to cosmetic enhancements.

Unsurprisingly, the city is renowned for its high-quality plastic surgeries, enabling residents dissatisfied with specific features or body parts to lead more fulfilling lives. For instance, many women opt for breast augmentation Miami as there are scores of reputable and experienced surgeons in the city.

However, before delving deeper into the popularity of this procedure, consider the following points that elaborate on why Miami is an exceptional place for any plastic surgery.

Plenty of qualified experts

A 2016 report found that Miami tops the cities with the most cosmetic surgeons in the US, averaging about 3.9 for every hundred thousand inhabitants. While many medical experts move to the city attracted by its weather, pristine beaches, and vibrant lifestyle, they also decide to do so owing to the massive demand for their craft. Consequently, they are surrounded by experts in their field, each with a loyal customer base in the city.

Forbes once listed Miami among cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville for aesthetic treatments. It claimed that around eighty-five to ninety percent of people who undergo surgical cosmetic procedures are satisfied with the results and would do it again. The high demand for these services keeps this industry growing in the city.

Diverse surgery options

Here, the residents leave no stone unturned when enhancing their overall looks to enjoy a more satisfying quality of life. The most sought-after procedure in the region includes rhinoplasty, wherein experts correct or modify the nose to give it a more appealing look. Facelifts are popular, too, especially among residents who wish to address sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face.

Residents typically opt for other popular surgical treatments: brow lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, butt lifts, facial rejuvenation, and breast reduction. Since the residents embrace cosmetic enhancements, it is easy for the surgeons to suggest additional procedures.

Addresses self-esteem issues in women

Statistics show that around fifty percent of the population in Miami is female, with a median age of forty-one. Invariably, many plastic surgeons in the region cater to this crucial group, ensuring they enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Besides the surgeries mentioned above, reputable surgeons with decades of experience offer breast augmentation in Miami to help women have larger, more shapely breasts. The procedure enables them to enjoy the type of cleavage they’ve always desired, helping them overcome insecurity by boosting their self-confidence. Moreover, several respected clinics offer surgery combinations, such as an augmentation and a lift or a mommy makeover, enabling local women to get more services at affordable prices.

Also, the residents are worry-free about undergoing these procedures as the experts conduct in-depth evaluations and discuss options before suggesting which implant variety is the best for them. While silicone implants are more popular, Miami experts can embed saline ones just as efficiently. Inevitably, the plastic surgery industry is booming in Miami and will continue to do so in the coming years.

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