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Why Does Inflammation Cause Weight Gain? Surprising Facts

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Gaining and losing weight is part and parcel of life, yet most struggle. Weight gain is one of the serious issues that cause a lot of distress in people’s lives. Weight gain can have many underlying reasons, and one of them is inflammation. Inflammation is one of the serious issues that can cause rapid weight gain and bloating. 

There are various kinds of inflammation, but the two main ones are chronic and acute. Chronic inflammation is bad as it needs attention and medication to go away.

Why does inflammation cause weight gain? 

Systemic inflammation is one of the common health conditions for most people who have auto-immune diseases. It is one of the things that any of us can deal with, but it may lead to weight gain. Most people need to understand why and how inflammation is a potential reason behind weight gain. Here are some reasons: 

Inflammation trigger leptin resistance 

One of the main reasons why inflammation causes weight gain is because of leptin resistance. Leptins are common building blocks of your body and help regulate your metabolism. It signals the brain to fasten or slow down your metabolism.  

However, inflammation can induce weight gain faster because it causes leptin resistance. When there are not enough leptin receptors flowing in, it can damage your metabolism seriously. Hence, it is essential to reduce inflammation to have a well-working metabolism. 

Muscle inflammation and fluid retention 

Inflammation and weight gain are interrelated, and many don’t know why. You may notice a sudden weight gain when you start working out. Muscle inflammation is one of the reasons why people gain sudden weight, and it can be quite bothersome. 

However, it is essential to realize that working your muscles deeply, which you haven’t done before, can make your body react differently. Hence, it is essential to be patient and keep working out to familiarize movement with your muscles. On the other hand, fluid retention can also cause weight gain, but it goes away with time. 

Insulin Resistance 

Weight gain can happen for various reasons, and inflammation is one of the biggest reasons. However, inflammation can be harmful if you don’t control it. Weight gain because of inflammation can cause insulin resistance which can cause type-1 diabetes in the long run. 

The irregular blood-sugar level causes your digestive system to slow down and weaken. You don’t want that to happen in the long run; hence, managing your blood sugar levels is essential. You must stop eating foods that cause irregular blood sugar levels. White sugar is one of the biggest enemies that attack your metabolism and causes rapid weight gain. Hence, replacing it with healthy alternatives and avoiding processed foods is essential. 

Gut inflammation 

Gut inflammation is a deal-breaker because it is the primary reason for weight gain. Muscle inflammation of joint inflammation may not affect weight gain as much as gut inflammation. Our gut is our second brain, affecting our mood and digestive activities. 

If you have gut inflammation, all the healthy functions will go haywire, affecting your digestive speed. Hence, it is essential to treat gut inflammation as fast as possible. Gut inflammation can cause rapid weight gain, which causes leptin and insulin resistance.  

Hence, seeing a doctor and getting to the root cause of gut inflammation is essential. You can treat gut inflammation by eating healthily and reducing stress. On the other hand, you can also get over- counter-medications that can help with basic digestive issues. 

How can you reduce inflammation and weight gain? 

Inflammation may seem like a normal defense mechanism of your body, but it greatly impacts your health. Try the best elderberry supplement to control inflammation if you want to manage your weight, and you can do so using home remedies. Here are some tips: 

  • Always add fibre-rich and anti-inflammatory foods to your diet to soothe gut inflammation.
  • Avoid having sugary and processed foods as they slow down your metabolism significantly.
  • Working on your mental health and de-stressing is essential as they help with faster healing.
  • Never compromise your sleep because lack of rest can also trigger gut inflammation.
  • Make exercise and movement a part of your lifestyle, as it helps deal with most health issues.
  • You can take over-the-counter medicines for acute inflammation to treat it faster. 

Final verdict 

Inflammation and weight gain have a deeper connection; hence, it is essential to tackle both. Inflammation can be due to various reasons; hence, getting to the root cause and treating it is essential. Making simple healthy lifestyle changes can help a lot in reducing weight and getting rid of inflammation. On the other hand, it is essential to ask for professional help if home remedies don’t help.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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