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Why Health Insurance Is a Must-Have in Dubai: Exploring Your Options

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With today’s sedentary lifestyle, we often neglect our health. This not only affects our health but also increases the chance of developing chronic conditions. Besides, inflation is gradually making it challenging to afford healthcare. The rising cost of medical treatments almost burns a hole in our pockets.

It is our primary responsibility to take care of our health,, no matter what. Health insurance is a crucial because it ensures a long-term treatment period in the hospital does not throw you into financial hardship. Health insurance Dubai is mandatory and a cost-effective solution to avoid spending on hefty medical treatments or expenses.

Why health insurance is important in Dubai?

In the UAE, health insurance is a mandatory requirement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It helps in dealing with huge medical bills, further ensuring peace of mind and financial security. Health issues like pre-existing conditions and chronic illnesses can be expensive to cure. A comprehensive health insurance plan covers all the associated costs without impeding the regular spending of the policyholder.

The high cost of healthcare in Dubai

As per a report released by the Health Accounts System for the Emirate of Dubai, healthcare expenditure in the region reached AED 21.4 billion. Within this AED 21.2 billion was spent in Dubai. 5.2% of Dubai’s total GDP comprised the healthcare expenditure. On the other hand, per capita spending on healthcare was estimated at AED 4,525 in 2022.

According to the healthcare expenditure report, 52% of the total amount comprises hospital settings, 15% in retail pharmacies & ancillary providers, and 23% in clinics. The report also states that AED 21.4 billion was spent on healthcare, among which 43% was funded by the government, 47% by private insurance, and 10% by families and individuals.

The cost of healthcare in Dubai can be notably high. Several factors contribute to this. Firstly, Dubai is known for its advanced medical facilities and top-notch healthcare services, which often come with a premium price tag. High-quality medical equipment, specialized treatments, and well-trained healthcare professionals contribute to the overall cost.

Additionally, the growing population and increased demand for healthcare services in Dubai have led to a rise in healthcare costs. The influx of expatriates and tourists seeking medical treatment further boosts the demand for healthcare services, resulting in increased prices.

Moreover, individuals are often required to pay for medical services either out-of-pocket or through private health insurance plans. This can be challenging for those without adequate financial resources or insurance coverage, leading to potential financial strain when seeking medical treatment.

Navigating the Dubai healthcare system with ease

Dubai healthcare system is known for its quality services and advanced facilities. The system comprises both public and private sectors, providing residents and visitors with a wide range of healthcare options.

In the public sector, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) oversees the Dubai healthcare system. It operates several hospitals, primary healthcare centers, and specialized clinics, offering affordable or subsidised healthcare services to residents. Emirati citizens often receive free or subsidized medical care at public facilities.

On the other hand, the private healthcare sector in Dubai is diverse. It includes hospitals, clinics, and medical centers that cater to individuals seeking premium and specialized healthcare services. Private healthcare providers in Dubai are known for their state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical technology, and highly qualified healthcare professionals.

Health insurance plays a significant role in the Dubai healthcare system. While healthcare services in public facilities are accessible to all residents, private healthcare often requires health insurance coverage or out-of-pocket payment. Many employers provide health insurance as part of their employee benefits package, ensuring access to private healthcare services for their workforce.

How health insurance simplifies healthcare in Dubai?

Health insurance simplifies healthcare in Dubai in several ways. It provides access to a network of healthcare providers, making it easier to find doctors, hospitals, and specialists. Individuals with insurance can choose from a wide range of healthcare facilities without worrying about the cost, as most services are covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Additionally, health insurance streamlines the payment process. Instead of paying out-of-pocket for each medical service, individuals simply present their insurance card and the insurer handles the payment directly to the healthcare provider. This eliminates the need for individuals to navigate complex billing procedures and worry about upfront costs.

Furthermore, health insurance often includes features such as online portals or mobile apps, allowing policyholders to manage their healthcare needs conveniently. They can schedule appointments, view medical records, and access telemedicine services with ease.

Apart from this, a health plan offers financial protection against high medical expenses. In case of a serious illness or injury, individuals can focus on their recovery without the added stress of worrying about the financial burden.

Exploring your health insurance options

A wide range of health insurance policies are available in Dubai. Further, these are categorised into  two primary segments:

  • Individual health insurance. Individual health insurance is a policy purchased by an individual to cover their medical expenses. It provides financial protection against unexpected healthcare costs, including doctor visits, hospitalisation, prescription medications, and other medical services, tailored to the individual’s needs and budget.
  • Family Health Insurance. Family health insurance is a single policy that covers medical expenses for the entire family. It provides financial protection for all family members, including spouses, children, and dependent parents. Family health insurance typically offers comprehensive coverage for a range of healthcare services, ensuring the family’s well-being.

Insurers curate tailor-made products for each individual. As there are a plethora of plans available, it gets confusing which plan to choose. At Policybazaar UAE, you can find the best health insurance plan in Dubai. Health insurance comparison also gets easy at our platform and makes the process effortless. Our customer service team also helps you throughout the process with utmost dedication and commitment.

Let us now see what insurance seekers have to ask regarding health insurance Dubai.

Frequently asked questions

Why is health insurance important in Dubai?

Health insurance is a legal requirement in Dubai. Additionally, irrespective of its compulsion, this insurance also protects you financially in case of medical emergencies and treatment for chronic health conditions.

What are the legal requirements for health insurance in Dubai?

Here’s what you need to obtain health insurance in Dubai:

  • Insurance buyers must present their valid Emirates ID, passport, and residence visa (applicable to expatriates).
  • Adults till the age of 99 years are covered. 
  • The waiting period for pre-existing health conditions is usually six months. 

What are the benefits of having a health insurance plan in Dubai?

Health insurance in Dubai is a mandate. Moreover, having health insurance ensures that you are covered for emergency and pre-existing treatments without any financial strains.

How can I choose the right health insurance plan in Dubai?

You can find the right health insurance plan in Dubai via Policybazaar.ae. Simply fill out the lead form, compare plans on the quotes page, and buy the plan.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by health insurance in Dubai?

Yes, most health insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions in their policies.

What is the cost of health insurance in Dubai?

The average cost of individual health insurance in Dubai ranges between AED 3,000- AED 4,000. On the other hand, the average cost of family health insurance ranges between AED 7,000–AED 10,000.

Can I customize my health insurance plan in Dubai?

Yes, most health insurers provide you with the option to customise a plan as per your requirements.

What healthcare facilities are covered by health insurance in Dubai?

The following healthcare facilities are covered by health insurance providers:

  • Maternity cover
  • In-patient cover
  • Out-patient cover
  • Diagnostics
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions
  • Alternative medicine

How do I make a claim with my health insurance provider in Dubai?

Simply get in touch with your respective provider, fill out the online claim form, and submit it along with other required documents.

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