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Why Edit Photos Online with CapCut Creative Suite Online Photo Editor?

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Do you know why you must use CapCut Creative Suite’s online photo editor for all types of editing in your photos? The most prominent reason behind this is that this online photo editor comes with all the basic and necessary tools that a person may need to edit his photos professionally. To help you draft the most impressive photos, this online photo editor also assures to offer AI-based functions, such as colour optimisation, old photo restoration, etc. On top of everything, all of these features and functions for editing photos are free of charge. Yes, you don’t need to worry about buying their premium or paid version to access them for editing your photos. So, let’s learn more about this incredible online photo editor before you start using it in your daily life.

Reasons to edit photos online with online photo editor

Here are the following crucial reasons why you should use an online photo editor to edit your photos:

  • Photo background generator. It helps you generate AI-based backgrounds for any photo. If you feel that your photo’s background needs replacement, this becomes a must-use feature. Without requiring you to perform some complex steps, it creates instant yet interactive backgrounds for your photos.
  • Make the background transparent. Besides creating a colourful background for photos, this beautiful online editor also makes the background transparent. For photos that don’t look good with a coloured background or with any other background, you must use this editor to make their background transparent. This is especially a useful feature if you are doing product photoshoots for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Crop photo. Sometimes, there are so many unimportant things captured in a photo frame that should not be there. For all those photos, you must use this editor to crop those photos to their best sizes. Cropping photos and eliminating the unimportant details from them also enhances the viewer’s focus on the main object.
  • Resize photo. Similarly, the resizing option is also here in case you want to resize your photo to a certain size. This online photo editor comes with a great range of predefined resizing options for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can either choose any of these predefined formats or make a custom resize.
  • Colour matching. Colour matching is also an important aspect of creating the most interactive and inspiring photos. You can use this editor’s colour-matching function to generate the matching colour palettes for your photos. Then, apply the one to your photo that directly uplifts its graphics and visuals and gives it a more positive tone.
  • Image resolution enhancer. On the other hand, you may also enhance your image resolution by using this online editor. Resizing your photo is not the same thing as enhancing its resolution. Sometimes, you may resize or enlarge a photo without paying special attention to its minor details. As a result, the photo comes out of poor quality with a lack of pixels. So, use this online editor’s image resolution to properly enhance your image’s resolution without affecting its quality.
  • Free stickers and shapes. In addition, there are tonnes of free stickers and shapes that you can also use in editing your photos. These stickers and shapes add a more meaningful touch to these photos and make them speak up for themselves.
  • Watermark-free Downloads. On top of everything, you can enjoy making watermark-free downloads with this editor. After making all the edits, you may also sharpen the image online, and click the download button. Your transformed image will be saved to your device gallery without any watermarks on it which is great.
  • Saves time and money. Last but not least, this editor helps you save money and time. Through its AI-based tools and functions, it automates the editing processes and allows you to enjoy quick results. Similarly, it helps you save money by offering you a completely free-to-use editor without making any payments for anything.

How to use CapCut Creative Suite online photo editor?

If you want to use this fantastic editor now, follow the steps below. 

  1. Sign up. Go to the CapCut creative suite website and click on the signup button to create a free account. Then, sign in and navigate to an online photo editor.
  2. Upload. Import your photo to this editor or upload one by using the upload photo button.
  3. Customise. Now, let’s customise your photo by using the different editing tools or functions available here.
  4. Save. In the end, save your final transformation to your device by clicking on the export button.


Editing photos with an online photo editor by CapCut Creative Suite is not only the simplest and easiest task but also the most cost-effective and time-saving one. Being a free editor with AI tools helps you save time and money while enabling you to create impressive masterpieces through its interactive features. 

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