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Why Does Travel Make Us the Best Version of Ourselves?

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Have you ever experienced a feeling of ecstasy when returning from a trip? And it’s not about well-taken photos, sunburn, or a gastronomically satisfied stomach. Maybe it’s about meeting new people and places? No, it’s something more. What exactly pushes us to travel again and again – read on.

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Travel makes us more flexible

Everyone who travels frequently has faced the problem of lost luggage, “catching” a cheap ticket and cancelling a flight, which results in a delay to the next one. Perhaps you got off at the wrong stop? Travelling teaches us to be patient and, despite all the obstacles, find a way out of any situation and adapt to the circumstances. In the end, this is our invaluable experience.

Travel teaches us to trust the world

We are in a vast information space and constantly hear that somewhere there was a terrorist attack, or someone was killed or poisoned. The media wants us to live in constant fear to leave the boundaries of our own city. But when travelling, you understand that the devil is not as scary as he is painted. Sometimes people abroad are much more friendly than their compatriots. In the process of communication with the locals, all intercultural barriers are erased.

Travel awakens our interest in learning

The more often we travel, the more there is a thirst for learning new things. It is not enough for real travellers to visit only one city in the country. We want to get to know it completely from all sides, including culture, architecture, history, and local flavour. We all learn about this in museums, galleries, back streets of small streets, and nightly conversations with locals. The habit of knowledge allows us to see life more holistically.

Travel teaches us to trust ourselves

Travelling around a country or city without a map and knowing the language, planning flights between countries – all this requires considerable skills and self-confidence. It happens that not everything goes according to plan, and in an instant, we can get involved in another adventure and end up in another place. The ability to solve problems, regardless of the challenges that come along the way, helps us manage our lives and rely on our intuition. In these moments of uncertainty, finding the cheapest flights can become a triumph of resourcefulness, allowing us to seize opportunities and explore even more of the world.

Travel makes us more social

Even if we travel alone, we still cannot avoid contact with other people. It often happens that a great friendship is born from a small conversation. People start a conversation with foreigners with great interest, especially in rural areas. Over time, travellers become more open and can start a conversation with anyone.

Travel shows our lives from a different perspective

When we travel, we see different parts of the world that are different from where we come from. These differences may be social, cultural, or economic. This is what helps us to look at our own life from a different angle. Sometimes the harsh realities in other countries make it clear that it is a sin for us to complain about something. And some countries, with their development, make it possible to understand that there is still something to work on. Travelling helps to re-evaluate and look at life from a different perspective.

Travel challenges

Each journey is a new challenge for you. Adventure awaits us at every turn. As we travel, we immerse ourselves in new, unfamiliar surroundings, testing our limits of ourselves. No matter how difficult or inconvenient it is, if we have already set to work, we will bring it to the end.

Travelling helps a person to know himself, prioritize life, and to know the world. Travel, develop, and get to know yourself and the world around you.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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