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Why Is Dating So Hard? – Find It Out at Last

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The older you get, the more you agree that being alone may be quite comfortable. Still, most of us need a soulmate and someone to cling to and care for. That’s why you are seeking again and start dating. It means you need to present yourself, watch for red flags, and be attentive and careful simultaneously, because no one likes those who are moody and tense. That is why dating may be hard, but we will tell you how to make it easier. Then, you will be ready to check out top-rated online dating services, choose the most appropriate, and find your perfect match.

Why is being in a relationship so hard?

Considering your past experience, you may try online dating and find someone new. Here, you can list your aspirations and expectations briefly and politely and let people know exactly what you are looking for. Such a list can reduce problems with online dating. But first of all, you must define your preferences and needs for yourself. Also, there are some issues that can make dating harder.

Fear of rejection

Even if you get rejected a few times, it is not a problem. Pressure to conform to traditional gender roles and the rise of online dating can be challenging. That is why dating is so hard for guys. But don’t be afraid of online dating. A lot of people can see your page, giving you more chances to find a perfect match.

Trying to be better than you are

You just have to tell about yourself (job hobbies, interests), take a few actual photos of yourself, and act naturally while messaging. Don’t pretend to be another person. Just be yourself. Otherwise, you should pretend further, which is really exhausting. If you do, it means you are deceiving. Once you fail to uphold this untrue version of yourself, your new partner may become disappointed. Not because you are a terrible person, but because you pretended to be someone better than you actually are.

Feeling too old

Also, it may seem complicated to find a partner if you are older than most people on this service. Good news – it is just not your kind of service. You better choose one of the online dating services for seniors. There, you will find a person of your age with mutual interests.

Time management

On one hand, if you spend too much time there, it may seem that you already did everything possible and didn’t succeed. On the other hand, if you visit the site too rarely, you won’t get good results either. Try to find balance here.

What to do if dating is hard?

You have found a match, but you seem to need to get along better? Take action, and work on your relationships. It might seem like true love shouldn’t require work, and if it needs “work”, then it’s not genuine, but that’s not true. Start with yourself, and don’t push your partner. It’s unproductive and can feel like pressure, which might turn your partner against you. Either they will naturally get involved in the process and strengthen your bond, or you’ll have to take a new turn.

  • Managing expectations. “Like attracts like.” If you want to have a good partner, then be a good partner yourself. Working on yourself is where you should start. Then, your chances of building truly good relationships will increase.
  • Independence and togetherness. Find a balance. Everyone needs some alone time to recharge their social battery. The amount of time can vary. There are those who would be satisfied with one hour in the bathtub with candles and those who need a weekend in the mountains without a phone and internet. Decide what is acceptable for you.
  • Personal growth and development. It goes without saying that personal growth is one of the most important things. Sometimes, this growth may lead to changes in priorities, values, or goals. Balancing personal growth with the dynamics of a relationship can be challenging and may require adaptation and compromise from both partners.

External stress factors often cause dating problems. Make sure that you are both ready to cope with potential issues that can occur and keep that essential warmth and comfort in your relationship. This requires resilience and teamwork. For example, financial problems (one of you lost a job), family issues (surviving Thanksgiving Dinner), or health problems (no jokes here). In hard times, the support of a loved one helps a lot. It is easy to do if it is a genuine feeling.

Key takeaways

We hope we’ve dispelled your doubts. Let’s sum up the key points:

  • Consider your expectations, and you won’t be disappointed in the future.
  • Be yourself to find the right one for you.
  • Choose the right service according to your age.
  • Work on relationships in the right way, and don’t push the partner.

Jeffrey Grant, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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