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Mental Health and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Why Counselling Is Important

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We are living in a turbulent time compacted with Covid, that’s why the importance of mental health has never been this crucial. During the time when there is no sure cure for Covid, the only thing we have is our mental health.

Mental health is not only limited to having a presence or lost consciousness, but it is a crossroad between emotional, phycological, and physical health.

After the pandemic, many people have suffered from mental health disorders. The root causes of mental health disorders are the very practices that we need to follow to stop the spread of Covid.

Hence, the only way you can keep track of your mental health is to receive professional counselling.

Why is counselling important?

Many people think counselling is like a stigma and see people visiting counselling professionals as qualified people to live in society. This is why most people avoid going to counselling professionals.

However, counselling can be beneficial to people who have lost hope or the pathway in their life and in the pandemic situation; counselling can really help you boost your mental health.

Here are a few reasons why counselling is important during the pandemic:

Speaking your mind

We are in the second year of the pandemic situation. The situation is worse enough for the government to call a complete lockdown. People are now being isolated in their homes and have no one to speak their minds.

We are sociable animals. Without socialising, we will not be able to live in society. This is where counselling comes in. We see counselling as a way to cure mental health.

Amidst the notion of mental health, we have forgotten the fact that counselling has always been speaking your mind out to a person who is paid to listen to everything.

Validity and clarity

There are times when a person finds it difficult to shift through their emotion. And this has certainly increased in the pandemic. This is where you need a professional to help you out and direct your emotion to the right path.

A counselling professional can help you clear the hovering fog on your emotion and offer the clarity you need to understand your emotions and the reason for them.

Answers and explanations

Counselors are trained professionals that have gone through rigorous training to understand human emotion, analyze their behavior, and assess their physical and mental condition.

Hence, regardless of what situation you are in, what you feel at the given moment, they have an explanation ready to make you understand your current situation. Talking with them will help you understand yourself better.

Sense of relief

With social distancing and lockdown in place, it is hard to find anyone to talk about how you’re feeling or what is going on in your mind. Visiting a counselling professional will give a sense of relief that you have someone to talk about all the things that have pend up inside you until now.

You need to understand that counselors are there to help you feel at home and at ease. They care about you, and hence, they offer a helping hand.

Measure the mental health

You might not know your current mental health, but visiting a counselling professional will show you the mirrors. It will point out the phycological issues you might face in the future or what mental trauma awaits you.


Counselling is just a way to share your inner thoughts with others that have been burdening you. Today, everyone is busy with their own lives and has no time to spare for others, especially during the lockdown crisis.

As time passes, people will become busier, face many challenges, and feel isolated. And when that happens, you will need a person who will simply have a conversation to share your thoughts and give you company.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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