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Why CBD Oil Potency Matters

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When shopping for CBD products somewhere on the packaging, there will either be a number followed by mg or a number followed by a percentage. For those new to the world of CBD, these numbers and symbols can be a little confusing.

To make it even more confusing, both the mg and the percentage displayed on the packaging of CBD products refer to the same thing. These terms inform the customer how potent that particular product is.

So, what exactly is potency, and why is it important to understand when looking to buy CBD oil?

What does potency mean?

The potency of a CBD product generally refers to how strong it is. The more potent it is, the stronger the effects will be. However, potency is different from the total amount of CBD contained within a product.

For example, two products could contain 10mg of CBD, but one of these could have a total liquid volume of 100ml while the other could be 500ml. While both products do contain the same amount of CBD, the percentage of the total product that is CBD is very different. This obviously will drastically affect the total quantity of CBD you take when you only have a bit at a time.

The easiest way to think of a product’s potency is to consider how much CBD is being consumed with each dose or usage.

So, to take the same amount of CBD from both the 100ml and the 500ml oils, you need a different amount of liquid. Much more liquid is required in the case of the 500ml oil to receive the same amount of CBD as a smaller quantity of the 100ml oil.

How is potency measured?

The potency of a CBD product can be measured in one of two ways.

The first is a percentage which states how much of the total product is CBD. The second describes how many milligrams of CBD are contained within the product, without considering the total volume of said item.

Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Using a percentage to denote how much CBD there is within a given product makes it easy to work out precise measurements and ensure that a consistent amount of CBD is taken with each use.

Using milligrams to show how much CBD there is within a product is helpful in understanding the amount being consumed at any one time. However, this method does not make it easy to compare various CBD products.

How does a CBD oil’s potency impact its effectiveness?

A product’s potency affects three different things that are important to consider before taking CBD.

Firstly, the more potent a CBD product, the faster you will feel its effects. Secondly, the more CBD that the body receives, the stronger the effects are likely to be. Lastly, the more CBD the body has to work with, the longer-lasting its effect on the body will be.

When taking low-dose CBD products as a daily health supplement, these factors are not likely to be overly important. On the other hand, when taking CBD to treat an illness or injury, it is much more important that the effects kick in quickly and that they last longer.

Are stronger CBD oils always better?

A higher potency CBD product is not always better and, in some cases, can even provide the body with more CBD and cannabinoids than it actually requires.

When taking CBD as a dietary supplement, general advice is to frequently take a relatively small dose. A small dose of CBD is enough to trigger the mild health benefits that can come from working CBD into part of a regular, healthy diet.

Consuming stronger or more potent products as a general health supplement can increase the risk of adverse effects. Taking more CBD than is required can also result in some of it being wasted.

Stronger and more potent CBD oils are generally only preferable when using CBD to manage chronic health conditions. Over a prolonged period, the body adjusts to receiving CBD on a regular basis and builds up a natural tolerance.

As CBD tolerance increases, a more potent dose will be needed to cause the same effects that a much lower dose could previously trigger. The more potent a CBD oil, the more noticeable and long-lasting its effects will be, and is another reason why potency is so important when treating specific health conditions.

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