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Why Are Escape Rooms Good for Teambuilding

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The world as you know it will end in 60 minutes. Your mission (as a group) is to find a way out of the chamber and prevent the end of the world. 

What could be more of a team-building exercise than saving the world while also having a little fun? In-person or virtual, escape rooms are one of the famous team-building activities. 

Here’s how effective escape rooms can be for developing strong teams in the workplace.

Improves communication

Employees must have open lines of communication to effectively solve challenges. Miscommunication or a total absence of communication is a major source of frustration on the job. 

To escape the room, players must work together to solve a series of puzzles, requiring them to pay close attention to one another’s contributions and communicate effectively with one another. 

The benefits will be felt immediately in the workplace, where routine tasks will become less stressful, which is why escape rooms are one of the team-building games and activities that a company should do!

Boosts productivity

Because escape games like the fox in a box, are thrilling and entertaining, they can help boost the morale of employees. Increased morale at work increases the likelihood that employees will complete their tasks more quickly and effectively, hence boosting productivity.

Improves problem-solving skills

The tasks you perform in the office tend to repeat themselves in cycles. That’s bad for the company since it makes workers less productive because it makes it harder for them to come up with novel solutions to problems. 

So, it’s important to keep workers pumped up and interested in their work, which is where escape room games come in. 

There are many talents needed to complete an escape game successfully, including analytical thinking and the ability to work through complex problems. This means that your staff will need to step up their game in terms of originality and problem-solving.

Improves relationships

Employees will bond over the shared experience of an escape room game because of the emphasis placed on communication, teamwork, and even reliance. 

Those who are unfamiliar with one another will become acquainted, and those who are only passingly familiar will deepen their acquaintance.

Helps define roles within the company

They will learn about themselves as they go through the escape room experience, and you may discover something about them as well. 

Learning these items will ultimately aid in clarifying their function within the organization. Some workers excel at leading teams, others at solving problems, and yet others at evaluating data. 

Either way, the individual may conclude that they are in the incorrect position inside the organization and decide to look elsewhere for work.

Final thoughts

As an alternative to the boring, standard team-building exercises, escape rooms can be a great way to bond as a group and work together to solve a problem. Team members can have a good time while learning and practising important business values in escape rooms.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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