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Why Are Asian Brides So Popular Among Westerns?

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Recently, men’s preference for mail order brides has become sharper. In an experiment, scientists showed men and women aged 18-30 600 photographs of people of the opposite sex and asked them to rate their attractiveness. As a result, Asian women showed a clear preference for Western men. Asian men attracted them less than other nationalities. As for Western men, they also mostly preferred women with Asian features.

Interestingly, the results of the study are true. According to statistics, there are one and a half times more marriages between Asian women and Western men than between other nationalities. There are many dating sites where men show interest in Asians, so they are often considered desirable partners.


The latest data analysed by users of Facebook revealed that men of all races prefer Asian girls. Men even encourage their single friends to date Asians because they perceive them as more sexually open than girls of other nationalities. This popularity of Asians seems to be related to aesthetics. In a 2012 attractiveness survey conducted by Cardiff University, Asian women performed best.

Things men find attractive in Asian girls

According to sociological studies on Facebook and dating sites, in recent years, men prefer to date Asian ladies rather than representatives of other races.

The beauty of Asian girls

Slavic girls are considered the most beautiful in the world, but why do men still look for Asian women? In fact, they fit perfectly with all the men’s parameters. The appearance of an Asian girl is very different from that of a European girl. They have small eyes and noses, expressive cheekbones, long black shiny hair, small breasts, and soft voices. One more feature is that tiny, fragile women awaken the instinct of a protector in any man. They want to protect such a cute girl.


An exotic girlfriend will not allow herself to discuss or humiliate her man. She doesn’t make noise and doesn’t get lost for a week, even if she is in a very bad mood. In general, Asian girls are well brought up, and they rarely swear. They are not very demanding and can cope well with household chores and relationships.


Also, men are attracted to Asian women partly due to Asian series, cosmetics, anime, cosplay, and other trends. Men often look for new exotic sensations, thinking Asians know how to do something unusual.

Traditional values

The recent “Russian bride boom” has shifted to Asians. Women from China, South Korea, and the Philippines dominate the bride market. A man’s dream is to be with a woman who wants to please him, recognises his affection, and appreciates his efforts to create a family. Men find everything in Asian culture. Some men call these “traditional values” because these are the things used to hold families together.

Caring wife

Asian culture teaches girls from an early age that the man is the head, and the Asian bride who takes care of him is not the servant but the mistress of the house. In other words, caring for the man becomes the main task of the Asian woman and leads to a more harmonious family life than in a couple where a passive man dates a strong woman.

Asian women want to leave their homeland

Simply put, they want a better life. Most women want to get married and live a better life. At the same time, this is not a bad thing. According to Asian women, Western men value them more. Most Western men just expect women to love them as they are. For an Asian woman, a man doesn’t have to be super rich or look like a movie star. He just needs to treat her and show her love.

Scientific basis

The most important evolutionary theory for mate selection is “optimal outbreeding.” The best partner is similar to you but not the same. So, the reason Western men can be interested in Asian women is that they are genetically very different. But there must be something more to it, especially for men who are only attracted to Asian women.

After all, the reasons why Western men like Asian women are very complicated. One scientist studies how different factors influence attraction and make men fall in love with Asian women. For example, if a Western man grew up in a community of predominantly Western women, Asian women may seem unusual. They are just a mystery to him.

Scientists also point out that good relationships with Asian women in the past can affect the perception of attractiveness. 

How to pick the interest of Asian Women

  • If you want to date a girl from Asia, it should be a girlfriend of your age. 
  • Asian girls don’t like to get acquainted on the street, and they can even call the police if you seem strange. It would be better if you had a friend who could introduce you to an Asian girl. 
  • You can also find a girl on a dating site, for example, AsianFeels.
  • These girls love shopping and spend most of their money on cosmetics and designer clothes. They also like karaoke, movies, amusement parks, and taking photos. 
  • It is not customary in Asian countries to take a girl home after a date and pay for her in a restaurant. So, when a man does these little things, it melts their heart. Hanging coats, compliments, and opening doors are good ways to please Asian girls because they are not used to it. 
  • You can also give them sweets and soft toys. Success is guaranteed. 
  • 80% of Asian girls start laughing when embarrassed or nervous. 
  • Moreover, if you learn some Asian words, it will be easier to win a girl over.

Cuteness Asian women, shyness, submissiveness to a man, exotic appearance, and the mysterious look of narrow eyes work much better than tight blouses and silicone lips. Although, in general, it doesn’t matter what nationality the girl is. The main thing is the feeling you and she have for each other.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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