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Who Is Santa Muerte

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La Santa Muerte’s origins

Although her origins are a little vague, it seems apparent to many that she originated from Catholicism merged with Aztec worship of Mictecacihuatl, Queen of The Underworld. The amount of Catholics are in decline as many who worship The Santa Muerte are on the rise. This Saint is associated with life, prosperity, abundance, etc and is used by many people from all backgrounds.

What does she provide?

When you provide offerings to The Santa Muerte, you get good health, prosperity, love, wealth, etc in return. She is also said to offer a path to healing, peace, wisdom, and well-being. Because people of all socioeconomic backgrounds give offerings to this saint, it has been negatively associated with criminals and drug carterls. However, The Santa Muerte does not discriminate who its followers are. Anyone can worship, although it is important when praying to La Santa Muerte, to have materials in advance. Her name in English, means The Holy Death, and although this may seem intimidating for some, her blessings and punishments are simple and transactional. If you do not hold your end of the bargain, as with anyone, a damaged or severed relationship follows. This is not pettiness for pettiness sake, but there needs to be a system in place that allows a human being to serve as a symbolic bridge to La Santa Muerte. We are physical beings in physical vessels and because of our limited, human perceptions, practical methods are required. 

What is La Santa Muerte like?

She is just, fair, loving, forgiving, and honest. She is not judgemental and does not discriminate, although she does require that one prays to her regularly and walks in gratitude. Some have even stated that she prefers sacrifices and devotion over just material goods as offerings. If you make a covenant to fast, for example, be sure to keep your promise. Other followers state that she is not warm and loving, but prefers to work with those who were shunned, marginalized, or oppressed. Read user accounts to get an idea of what it may be like working with La Santa Muerte. Just bare in mind, to be respectful and honest when engaging, and its probably best to stick with tradition, at least until you’ve developed a relationship with her. Don’t speak to her casually, and provide prayer and offerings regularly. Watch her perform miracles in your life as your relationship with her continues to grow. 

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