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Which Online Casino Games Can Really Surprise You?

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If you’re on the hunt for a casino bonus, a strategy could be trying out different top casinos online 2022 to find the one you will strike gold. However, there are many casino games, and you cannot play them all. Even though everyone has their preferred casino games, some games offer better odds than others and may even be more enjoyable.

We have taken the time to test out different casino games to give you a list of some of the most exciting casino games that will surprise you.

Check out these casino games that are sure to intrigue you.


Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of all the games in a casino. House edge typically indicates the percentage of a bet that the casinos can keep in the long run. It usually runs into thousands of bets, and a higher house edge translates to a worse long-term expectation for players. 

Once you find a blackjack game with good rules, your house edge can reduce to about 0.3% if you use a basic strategy. 0.3% is the lowest house edge in a casino, usually comparable to other games like video poker. Blackjack is an excellent game if you like counting cards and strategising without getting caught.

However, different casinos have adopted various versions of Blackjack to suit their systems. You should get familiar with the one you’ll like to play and check the rules. Blackjack’s primary strategy is guessing the correct decision for every potential hand in the game. You will compare the total in your hand with the dealer’s upcard, and there is one decision that is the best possible value. If you decide every time, you use a basic strategy to play the game.

Why is blackjack intriguing:

  • Low house edge
  • Fosters interactions with other players
  • Easy to play and catch-up
  • Constant basic rules without overly complicated steps
  • Continuous availability as you can play almost anytime


Slot machines do not require a lot of thinking or strategizing. If you do not want to interact with other gamers and don’t want to make any decisions while playing casino games, a slot game is an excellent choice. It is as simple as putting your money in, spinning the reels, and accepting whatever comes your way. Its simple method of play without any calculations or complex game rules has made it popular and appealing to many.

Some of the best slot machines are those that you play at higher denominations. If you check the table that compares payout percentages at various denominations, you will see that the higher denomination games have some of the best payouts. However, that is not to say you should go ahead and keep playing above your bankroll.

You also need to consider the slot game you are playing and check if it is complicated. There are many different versions of slots in other casinos, each adding its twist to the game. The payback percentage for simpler games is usually higher than for complicated games. Usually, a three-reel slot machine will have a better payout percentage than a five-reel slot machine.

Why are slots intriguing:

  • Various unique and exciting themes
  • Affordable games with free trials
  • Gives a sense of nostalgia
  • High payouts
  • Little or no experience is required to play


The basics of craps revolve around betting on the outcome of two dice rolls, but the dice can fall in many ways. Each bet you make has specific odds, which is why a craps table has several fields for betting. Another thing you’ll notice with craps is the other staff around the table in physical casinos. 

A Boxman is present who supervises the game and handles the cash. Opposite the Boxman is the stickman that pushes the dice, calls results, and determines how fast a game should go. You can have as many as eight players at a craps table, and each player can bet on every roll. Every player will turn to roll the dice (which is called shooter). 

Sometimes it could get intimidating as many people are standing around the table, and it takes some time for you to pick up and understand the game. However, once you get the hang of it, you can continue playing for a long time as it is a delightful game with welcome offers and bonuses.

Why is craps intriguing

  • Exciting Atmosphere in physical casinos
  • You have a wide selection of bets to choose from
  • Excellent chance at winning
  • Odd bets do not have a house edge
  • Not a lot of skills are needed

European Roulette

When they think of casinos, Roulette immediately comes to their minds for many people. When people refer to Roulette, it is the European Roulette version. A straightforward explanation of what the European Roulette means is playing with a single “0.” In this game, the house edge is only 2.7% making it very beneficial. The game in both the online and physical versions has similar goals – predicting where the ball will fall.

However, not all casinos have the European Roulette. You mustn’t mistake the American Roulette for the European one because it has a house edge twice as high as the European one. Also, the American Roulette has almost no advantage and worse odds for the player.

Why is roulette intriguing

  • Easy to learn
  • The glamour of the game design sets it apart from others
  • Great for playing with friends and groups of people
  • It unites other players against the house
  • Large payouts.


Baccarat was once reserved for the elite, but today it has become a popular game in many casinos. If you aren’t looking for a fast-paced game and want a leisurely game that doesn’t require a lot of brainwork, baccarat is a good choice.

You have to learn no strategy or skill, and you can hit winning streaks without much effort. It is a simple guessing game where you determine the score for each hand.

Why is Baccarat intriguing:

  • A mini version that makes the game accessible
  • Commonly available
  • Excellent odds of winning
  • Fun game with lots of superstitions and beliefs
  • Little to no strategy is needed


The other side of the coin for players who love games like slots is poker players who rely on their skills to win. Even though the rules are relatively simple, sometimes it takes years of experience before you can perfect your strategy in a poker game. You will have to learn tricks and tactics and become skilled at making a poker face if you truly want to win at the game.

It would be best to make the learning process fun as you understand the game, its rules, and strategies for winning.

Why is poker intriguing

  • Perfect your unique skill
  • Chance to challenge other players in an arena
  • A sociable game that fosters communicating with other players
  • Accessible easily
  • Popular game available worldwide

Ultimately the casino games you’ll love are entirely dependent on preference. Different casino players have different goals, thrills, and exciting spots. However, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with more than one mentioned above.

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