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Where You Can Pay with Crypto: A List of Bitcoin-Accepting Companies

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The growing number of internet retailers adopting cryptocurrency signals a rapidly changing global trade landscape, with BTC transactions offering significant benefits for both companies and users. According to HSB, about one-third of small and medium businesses in the US are willing to use BTC as a form of payment. Any central authority does not control Bitcoin, and the way it works makes it harder for prices to go up and for people with power to interfere with it. Moreover, BTC payments are less expensive because they do not require mediation, which helps people and companies save money by reducing payment processing charges.

Benefits of BTC payments

Cryptocurrencies are faster than other ways of payment, so they are great for buying things quickly. Bitcoin transactions take around 30–60 minutes on average to confirm, which means that merchants can send out their products right away.

While Bitcoin offers greater anonymity than FIAT payments, users should be aware that merchants can view the funds’ wallet addresses and trace them back to the wallet owner. 

BTC can be used by people all around the world, even if they don’t have a bank account. This helps businesses reach new customers who haven’t been reached before, including those from developing countries.

Bitcoin-accepting companies

  • Microsoft was one of the first big companies to accept digital money as payment. People can buy products and services on Microsoft’s platform using digital money by adding money to their Microsoft accounts using BTC.
  • Gyft gives its clients coupons for popular stores like Starbucks, Walmart, and Target. It also has a special phone app that allows users to see how much money is left on their gift cards.
  • Subway is now accepting digital currency as payment at three locations in Berlin, an experiment that has received positive responses from its users.
  • Twitch has given subscribers a 10% discount on virtual money payments, offering privacy and security that standard payment methods might not provide. 
  • Pizza Hut’s approval of digital currency transactions occurred thanks to its collaboration with Cryptobuyer, Inc., a Central American virtual money payment provider.
  • Express VPN is committed to keeping its users’ information private and secure. It allows Bitcoin payments without requiring an email ID.
  • Starbucks accepts cash, virtual currency, and cryptocurrency as payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile banking.
  • Burger King in Paris now has charging stations where you can pay with digital money. These stations are also connected to the AlchemyPay and BinancePay payment platforms.
  • CheapAir lets people use cryptocurrency to buy plane tickets on major airlines around the world. You can search online for the cheapest and most convenient flights.
  • AT&T has a strong presence in the United States.  It lets customers use Bitcoin to pay their cell phone bills through a different payment system.

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