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When Should 1099’s Be Issued?

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As tax day draws near, a lot of Americans are asking themselves this question. When must 1099s be issued? What happens if you don’t, though? Is there a 1099 due date and how can I avoid tax penalties? Find out by reading on!

You’re probably used to managing your finances as a freelancer. But did you know there is a unique form created only for independent contractors for their 1099 taxes? The IRS 1040 form is ideal for anyone who has various sources of income. Consider the advantages of this form and how it might help you.

The default tax form for people in the US is Form 1040. It is used to declare income, figure out taxes owing, and apply for credits and deductions. The 1040 form is a useful tool for freelancers to keep track of their earnings and outgoings and is useful for keeping track of taxable income. We’ll examine the 1040 form in further detail and go through its advantages for independent contractors in this blog post.

When should 1099s be issued?

Most people are aware of the IRS’s rigorous policies regulating the issuance of forms. Here is the response if you’re still unclear about when you must distribute the paperwork.

According to the IRS, “you must issue the Form 1099 within 45 days of the end of each calendar quarter when you are obligated to do so.

So, if you haven’t already, get going as soon as possible. When it comes to starting to file these papers, you should do so at the conclusion of the month in which your 1099 transaction takes place. For instance, you should file your 1099 on May 31st if you sold something on eBay for $300 and paid your customer on April 30.

What steps must be taken to issue 1099s?

The individual who earned the money must issue the forms in writing.

You may use either a postmark or a stamp; both are appropriate. To issue the 1099 papers for numerous months, you must use an identical stamp or postmark.

Use the same stamp, for instance, if you wish to distribute 1099 documents for August 2022 and October 2022.

If you don’t, the IRS might decide not to pay you after all.

When must you give 1099s to contractors who earn more than $600?

Depending on your business activities, the IRS gives a precise timetable of when you need to release these forms. If you are a sole owner, for instance, you only need to produce 1099s if your annual income exceeds $1,200.

If you are a self-employed person and your annual income exceeds $10,000, you must issue these documents. And you’ll also need to generate 1099s for yourself if your earnings were between $20,000 and $100,000.

The aforementioned rule does have a few exceptions, though. For instance, you won’t have to send out 1099 forms if:

  • A partnership governs your company.
  • An LLC or trust owns your company.
  • You are the single proprietor of your company.
  • Your company fails to submit a tax return.
  • There are no employees at your company.
  • The safe harbour clauses do not apply to your company.
  • Your company does not comply with the unique requirements for S corporations.
  • Your company does not comply with the unique requirements that apply to partnerships.
  • Your company complies with the unique requirements for limited liability businesses.
  • Producing 1099s is not required of you.

How to correctly file your 1099 forms

After completing everything, you must file the forms. Forms come in two basic categories.

  • 1099-MISC form. When you provide money to others, use this form. For instance, if you are paying a plumber or an attorney.
  • A 1099-INT form. When you pay companies, you should use this form. For instance, when making a business transaction or acquiring services from a company.

What paperwork do you need to submit?

You must first submit Form 1099-MISC. This is for any earnings you have from people. Included in it is any money you make from selling goods on eBay.

After that, you must submit Form 1099-INT. Any revenue you generate from your firm should go here.

Creating 1099

If your annual income is less than $600, you don’t need to take any action. However, if your income exceeds $600, you must submit the required paperwork.

The forms can be submitted in a number of different ways. The first is sent by email. The second option is to hand-file them. But you may also employ a system online that will do it for you.


Utilising a service like www.1099.com is among the best ways to submit your forms. You can easily issue them from this point.

By hand filing

Manually filling out your forms is an additional option. You must print the forms, complete them, and then file them.

You must, however, preserve your records for a period of five years.

Taxation of 1099s

What occurs thus if you don’t file them? You might get into a lot of trouble if you don’t do it. If you don’t submit a 1099-MISC, in particular, you could be charged with a felony and face other legal repercussions including fines and jail time. Additionally, you can be susceptible to civil fines, such as those the IRS imposes for filing tax returns after the deadline.

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