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What Your Home Office Really Says About You

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With the increase in home working over the last few years, having a dedicated workspace promotes concentration, minimises distractions, and helps establish a healthy work/life balance. 
Whether sleek or hectic, basic or practical, how you like to WFH says more about your personality than you think. Below, domain and hosting experts Fasthosts have collated nine different styles of office spaces, and what personality traits they may reflect about you.

The makeshift office 

Whether it’s the dining room table or an ironing board, you’re forever pushing clutter aside to jump on your next sales target meeting. You’re free-spirited and enjoy a touch of chaos. Whether you’re lacking space, enjoy the flexibility, or prefer living in the moment, the pop-up desk life is for you. 

Cluttered office

Whether you’re eternally stressed, a mad genius, or just messy – a cluttered space could mean many things about you. People with messy desks tend to be more creative, insightful, and tend to favour multitasking. But although you may swear it’s organised chaos, clutter definitely creates disorganisation and hinders your productivity – so it may be time for a clear-out. 

Minimalist office 

A minimalist office space goes hand in hand with simplicity and focus. The aim of minimalism is owning fewer possessions, by doing so you can keep your workspace free of distractions. You are a structured individual who dislikes wasting time, and values quality over quantity, because minimalism is not a phase, it’s a lifestyle.

Old-style office 

Think dark mahogany, an expansive vintage book collection, and the smell of warm musk. You like the finer things in life, or, you may just like the unconventional. You are bright, well-informed, and influential. This type of work space is inspiring to you, and a form of escapism, you can lock yourself away and enjoy the nostalgia of the good ol’ days.

Smart office

A lover of high-tech gadgets, you’re always first to snag the latest trend. Your home office embodies sharp design, numerous plug sockets, and endless smart gadgets like mini desk hoovers and smart screen extensions. Other than being passionate about tech, you are analytical, a problem solver, curious, a continuous learner, and always up to date with all the latest tech releases.

DIY office

The office, your latest home improvement project, is never quite finished, and a continuously fluctuating space. Your desk is probably made of repurposed crate pallets, and has a couple of shelving units still waiting to go up either side of it. You are an inventive, imaginative, and resourceful person, you don’t like things to stay the same for too long, and as a perfectionist there’s always room for improvement. 

Creative studio

Your office-slash-studio, the place you let your creativity run wild. Beyond the confines of your usual work hours, when the clock strikes 5pm, you trade spreadsheets for paintbrushes to slip into your flow state and explore your artistic freedom. You are creative, intuitive, and a visionary, whether it be collating end of year reports or exploring conceptual art, your ambition and focus shines through.

Garden den

Surrounded by nature at the bottom of the garden is your happy place. It’s great for both unwinding with a book and a tea, and back to back meetings. You enjoy your peace and quiet and getting out of your home space even if it is only a few stepping stones away. Probably introverted, reliable, you enjoy your home comforts and your personal space, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

The nook 

Your cupboard turn office is the home working station for space-savvy individuals. Ingenious and inventive however small your office is, you take pride in practicality, sensibility, and functionality over anything else. When you’re done you can shut the door and pack it all away as if today was yesterday. 

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