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What Women Desire After Sex: The Importance of Post-Coital Connection

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In sexual activity, many men think that it is enough to satisfy women only during sexual intercourse. But in fact, women’s sexual satisfaction not only needs to feel pleasure during sex but also to feel caring and considerate at the end of sex. In order for women to get satisfied with sex, these three points are essential. First of all, you need a long enough foreplay to get satisfied during sex, and after sex, you need to bring thoughtfulness and tender care to women, so that she can feel satisfied in the whole process of sex.

For different women, the way they like to be cared for after sex is different, so we consulted many women who have sex with men to understand their desires and thoughts after sexual activities, and I will summarise these suggestions below to help you enjoy sex better. If you want to subscribe for more tips to increase sexual fulfilment, feel free to check out the inyarose website.

Some women want cuddling

Cuddling is a very effective way for people to bond after sex, and it can help you and your partner achieve better intimacy, reduce stress and keep your hormone levels stable.

Backed by scientific data, it has been established that cuddling has many benefits and is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable things to do after sex, as all you need to do is hold your partner in your arms and let them feel your love and warmth. This is very easy to do and gives great positive feedback.

Some women crave conversation

Unlike the intimacy that comes from physical contact like cuddling after sex, conversations after sex can also bring certain benefits. This can help you build a better emotional connection and solidify your relationship.

Regarding the content of the post-sex conversation, you can discuss how you felt during the sex you just had, which can help you understand what was good in the sex you just had, or what things you didn’t do satisfactorily. If you don’t want to end the sexual activity too soon, then you can decide together what you should do for the rest of the time.

Conversation after sex does not have to be an in-depth discussion of a particular topic, it can be small talk, but also to share their own thoughts and feelings, Lazy conversation can also add a pleasant feeling to the time after sex!

Some women prefer you to stay awake

Many men feel drowsy after sex, which is perfectly normal. But many women often don’t feel the same way after sex and would prefer you to stay awake or be there for them. If you struggle to stay awake after sex or fall asleep easily right away,. Then you need to explain why to each other before sex, or have another session with each other after a short nap.

Some women appreciate being taken care of

Meeting your partner’s needs after sex can be very warm and satisfying. For example, pouring a glass of water for the other party, helping her to wipe her body clean or taking the other party to take a bath together. These behaviours will make people feel very sweet and intimate. Asking each other in advance after sex preferences and needs and preparing in advance can make each other feel meticulous and thoughtful, resulting in more satisfaction.

Some women enjoy watching TV

If your partner isn’t into post-sex conversation and just wants to enjoy the feeling of laziness after an intense workout,. Then TV would be a good compromise. After sex, turn on a TV show that you both like and snuggle up with each other to enjoy the cosy feeling of watching TV.

Some women prefer solitude

Some women will prefer to enjoy solitude after sex, which is not a contradiction to sex, it’s just that they need some time alone to rejuvenate after an intensely stimulating and intimate experience. This can help them regain their strength and relaxation.

Some women wants more

Some women don’t feel completely satisfied after one session of sex, they often need multiple orgasms or longer sessions to achieve fulfilment, and if you happen to be exhausted at that point, it can be very frustrating for your partner. Sex toys can help improve this situation, such as the rose toy, which is a clitoral sucking toy that can be used not only in foreplay, but also allows you to give each other more pleasure and clitoral orgasms after sex, which will greatly enhance your sexual experience.

Some women prefer to part ways

For non-long-term relationships, many women tend to prefer to separate after sex so that they can really relax and the long periods of time spent together can cause discomfort or embarrassment. This is more likely to happen when intimacy is low, so it’s a good idea to give her some space at this time so she can get some rest. If she has to leave, it would be more considerate to call her a cab.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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