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What Type of Morning Person Are You? Experts Share Curated Playlists to Help Start Your Day Off Right

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As the brighter, warmer mornings of spring return, many Brits will no doubt be looking forward to an easier wake-up routine, free from the dark and cold of winter.

But with searches for “morning blues” increasing by 80% in the last year and “waking up with no energy” increasing by 29% in the last three months, it seems many Brits are still struggling to wake up for the day.

If you do find mornings tough, it might be because your morning routine doesn’t match your wake-up style. That’s why it’s vital to pinpoint what type of morning person you are and then tailor your routine accordingly, so it actually sticks.

To help you tailor your own morning routine, DFS has revealed the three types of morning person, as well as a curated playlist for each, based on Spotify’s metrics of danceability, energy, and tempo.

1. The get-up-and-goers

If you prefer early mornings to late nights and find the most motivation in the early hours of the day, you are definitely a “get-up-and-goer”.

These energetic early birds love to start their days in a productive way. Whether it’s a jog, gym class, or food prep in the kitchen, it’s not hard for these people to find motivation in the morning.

So, it’s no surprise that the perfect playlist for these early risers consists of songs with high ‘energy’, packed with music that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

And it was the feel-good tune “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves that began this high-energy playlist, with Harry Styles’ sweet pop hit ‘Watermelon Sugar’ following behind.

2. The easy-going early birds

But if you prefer a more relaxed start to your morning to ease yourself into the day, you might be an “easy-going early bird”.

Whether they enjoy a good breakfast, practising mindfulness, or read a book, these morning people hate the early rush and treasure a gradual wake-up. They need plenty of time to practise calming routines that help them feel positive and energised for the day.

As such, the easy-going early birds playlist consists of soothing music with a slightly slower tempo. For example, “Peaches” by Justin Bieber and “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles have the perfect pace to ease you into the morning.

3. The reluctant risers

If early mornings don’t come so naturally to you, and you refer to yourself as more of a night owl, it sounds like you might be a ‘Reluctant Riser’.

Needing that extra time in bed after a late evening, the Reluctant Risers only give themselves enough time to rush out the door in the morning.

So, to help those who are fighting the urge to hit snooze for the seventh time, the perfect playlist consists of feel-good tunes with high danceability to give that all-important morning boost.

According to the research, “Sunday Best” by Surfaces and Jack Johnson’s mellow classic “Better Together” are the two songs that have the best danceability to give you a much-needed spring in your step.

To share why creating a routine that is tailored to your morning type is so important, Becky Hall, a leadership and lifestyle coach, explained: “It’s true that for those of us who are ‘larks’ – early morning people who burst with energy at that time of the day – an extensive early morning routine is a great idea. However, not everyone is built that way. 

“Each of us has a different rhythm. Sometimes called our ‘diurnal’ pattern, we all have slightly different times of the day when we are full of energy and times when we need to rest and digest. 

“So, if you’re more of a reluctant riser, don’t despair. The real key is to find some time in your daily or weekly routine for the activities that get-up-and-goers are doing before work. It doesn’t matter whether these are in the morning or evening, as long as you find the time to do the relaxing activities that you enjoy.”

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