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What You Should Know About Epoxy Flooring

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epoxyvloer is a notable finish that is generally utilised in business and industrial tasks. Rather than keeping a substantial section in its crude, regular state which makes it harder to clean and keep, an epoxy resin can be applied over the substantial piece to make a smooth, strong, simple-to-maintain surface.

What is an epoxy floor?

Epoxy floor coatings are a resin-based system that is applied over existing substantial floors to make a consistent, smooth surface. In many cases, epoxy flooring is a strong, level tone. Anyway, you can likewise get innovative with your epoxy flooring and make designs all through.

The epoxy covering; likewise alluded to as epoxy systems or epoxy paints is commonly introduced at a negligible thickness of 1mm and is accessible in a scope of various varieties. There are many brands of epoxy accessible available; you genuinely must ensure you pick a top-notch epoxy.

What is epoxy flooring utilised for?

Epoxy flooring is reasonable for a scope of commercial and industrial tasks. The actual resin is produced from numerous different synthetic mixtures, including epoxy and polyurethane, and is turned over a current section of cement to accomplish a level, consistent finish. Similarly, the gietvloer is easy to keep hygienic and easy to maintain, making it the ideal decision for high-traffic regions.

Advantages of epoxy flooring

  • Simple maintenance. Epoxy flooring is hardwearing and simple to maintain, making it ideal for business and industrial applications.
  • Fast installation. The time it takes for an epoxy flooring expert to introduce is around 3–5 days. This all relies upon all-out square meters, assuming there is any additional arrangement required and the sort of finish chosen. Most epoxy floor completes are two-part systems which are hand blended, poured and turned over the floor or step region. The resin flooring is then gotten done with a high-grade sealer to accomplish either a matt, silk or serious shine look.
  • Cost-effective. Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective item that begins at $40 per square metre.
  • High performance. Resin floors are notable for their high performance in high-traffic environments.


  • Are epoxy floors durable? Indeed, epoxy floors are known for their strength and reasonableness in high-traffic regions which incorporate both people walking through and vehicular traffic.
  • Where can epoxy flooring be applied? Epoxy flooring can be applied to betonlook vloer both inside and outside.
  • Does epoxy flooring easily scratch? Epoxy flooring doesn’t scratch effectively because of it being a hard resin covering, but like any surface on the off chance that something sharp enough starts to expose what’s underneath, scratches might show up.
  • Is epoxy flooring great for homes? Normally Epoxy is a system that is utilized in an industrial setting, but inside a home, climate epoxy is extremely famous for a garage floor.
  • How much do epoxy flooring systems cost? Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective choice that beginnings at $40 per square meter.
  • How long do epoxy floors last? What makes epoxy resin a beneficial finish for high-traffic regions is that it can last years, guaranteeing it is kept up appropriately.
  • What’s the difference between epoxy floor paints and regular floor paints? Epoxy floor paints are tar-based, and that implies they ‘fix’ and become hard and solid, making them really hardwearing. Regular floor paints ‘dry’ rather than fix. They are not as thick as epoxy floor paints which implies the paint can wear away and easily chip.

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