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What Should Entail a Night-Time Routine

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After a hectic day in the office, You need an evening and nighttime routine to help you relax and have a good night’s sleep. Night-time routines are different for everyone depending on their family set-up. If you have kids, your schedule will include your kids too, but you can still create time for your own little routine after the kids have retired to bed. It is important for you to have some time for yourself at the end of the day to reflect and reset for the next day. In this blog, we are going to look at a general routine that can work for anyone.

Start off dinner

Immediately you get home from work, start off by preparing dinner for yourself and your family. If you have kids, they will need to have their meal early so they can go to bed early. This is the only meal of the day that you get to eat together, so ensure that it is ready in time. You can then bond over dinner and ask everyone how their day was. After supper, help the kids to get ready for bed. Their bedtime routine should include an evening bath, pajama time, and then bed. Kiss them goodnight and start on your own routine.

Time for a long relaxing bath

When everybody has gone to bed, it is now time for you to treat yourself to a long relaxing bath. You can draw your bath and try to tidy up the house a bit and wash the dishes. A house with children will always need constant tidying as they can be very messy. No one likes to wake up to dishes in the sink or legos everywhere. 

Once you are done, you can go ahead and take your bath. Make sure that you start with a proper face routine. Remove all your makeup and ensure that your face is clean and fresh. You can watch an online tutorial on how to remove semi permanent lashes to get rid of those lashes that you have been planning to remove.

Prepare for the next day

As you tidy, get out your wardrobe for tomorrow and your exercise clothing. Remove all unnecessary items from your bag and lay out what you’ll need, do not forget to pack a fresh face mask for the next day. By following these procedures, you’ll be less likely to forget something important during the day, and you’ll avoid mental fatigue early the next day. It’s simpler to fall asleep when you don’t have a million things to accomplish when you wake up. If you prepare yourself for success, waking up will not be a pain.

Watch an episode of your favourite TV show

After you have taken your bath and put on your pjs, you can opt to read your novel or catch the latest episode of your favourite tv show. This part of the routine is perfect for a Friday evening when you do not have to get up early for work the next day. This is because these are activities that are easy to get carried away in and forget to keep to your bed-time. 

This is the time to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Always avoid drinking coffee at night, so you do not interfere with your sleeping schedule. A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive day. You can also listen to relaxing music to set the mood for a peaceful night.

Meditation time

Every night before bed, set aside a few minutes to meditate and reset your mind. This is very good for your mental health and peace of mind. Take your mind through your entire day and figure out how you can make the next day even better. Remind yourself that you tried your best and you are going to try even harder the next day. 

Focus on your thoughts and feelings, breathe in and breath out and visualize your tomorrow. You can use a separate room for meditation, or your bedroom is just as good. A meditation room should be peaceful and clean. Having an air purifier in this room can help you with your breathing exercises.

Prep your bed

Make sure you lock all your doors, switch on the solar security lights, and head on to the bedroom. Set the ambiance for a good night’s sleep. Dedicate this time to transform your bedroom into a sleep haven. Make sure your bed is spread nicely, and remove any pillows that you will not need for the night. Dim the lights in your bedroom, put the phone on your nightstand, and get into bed. If you are a religious person, say your prayers and have a good night’s sleep.


A nighttime schedule does not have to be strict; you can always change it up whenever you feel the need to do so. The important thing is that you still manage to accomplish all that you want to before you fall asleep. For married couples, ensure that you include your partner in your nighttime routine too and create time to spend together every day before bed.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She interested in mental health and well-being.

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