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What’s the Scientific Skincare Philosophy Loved by Celebrities

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It is very common for skincare lines and aesthetic facials to cause trauma to the skin.

They focus on over-exfoliating and generating small wounds in order to induce healing. ​ However, it is documented that this has side effects of inflammation, sun sensitivity, dehydration, and increases in premature aging overtime (Learn more about 5 trending facials that are damaging the skin)

The aesthetics industry is beginning to change and cosmeceutical brand Osmosis Beauty, founded and formulated by Dr Ben Johnson, is at the forefront. Osmosis takes a clear stance against any induced trauma in the skin and inflammation in the body with a collection of innovative, clinically-studied, and patented technologies.

Osmosis is one the most high-tech and disruptive skincare ranges on the cosmeceutical market today. ​ Gaining popularity amongst celebrities and models such as Alicia Keys, Camila Cabello,  Imaan Hammam and Isabelle Mathers, Osmosis heals the skin tissue and generates permanent results in a healthy way. ​

Here, we dive into just two exceptional technologies developed by Osmosis.

Liposomal Retinaldehyde – the anti-ageing must-have

Osmosis Beauty’s liposomal retinaldehyde serums take the anti-ageing and skin-normalising power of vitamin A up a level.

They reinforce the skin’s barrier while achieving a 6-fold increase in penetration into the skin by using ​ a pharmaceutical grade delivery system called a liposome.

Liposomes are microscopic spherical structures composed of skin barrier lipids that wrap active ingredients and allows them to be delivered into cells (see figure below).

Osmosis combines liposomes with a powerful and non-sensitizing form of Vitamin A, retinaldehyde, that is naturally found in the skin. ​ It ​speeds cell turnover, boost long-term collagen production, clear pores, balance oil production and evens the skin tone at a fraction of the dose needed when using retinol and without sun-sensitivity.

Growth factors with exosomes –  the regeneration hero

The Osmosis Stemfactor Serum combines a high concentration and variety of growth factors with exosome technology. ​

The potent serum combines 600+ growth factors (including fibroblast growth factor, epidermal growth factor, tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases) with other extracellular matrix proteins (collagens, keratin, fibronectin, integrin, laminin). ​

In addition, the Stemfactor formula also contains naturally occurring exosomes. Exosomes are lipid structures that are used by cells to package and protect growth factors. They play an integral role in the ability of growth factors to modulate a tissue and stimulate repair and regeneration, and therefore, boost efficacy of the serum. ​

Stemfactor increases expression of collagen, fibronectin, cellular senescence, growth promoter and antioxidant genes, ​ while decreasing inflammatory and tumour promotor genes. Clinical trials results reveal a reduction in wrinkles and increase skin firmness.

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